Sessions at JAX London 2011 - Autumn Edition about Cloud

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Tuesday 1st November 2011

  • Continuous delivery - the writing is on the wall

    by John Stevenson

    So you want to do continuous delivery but is it working and how does the team and the organisation know what's going on? Using wallboard, information radiators and even just bits of paper stuck to the wall can help you manage all your development. Covering the many ways companies have visualised the mashinations of their work and providing tips on setting up your own uber information radiators.

    At 10:50am to 11:40am, Tuesday 1st November

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  • Deploying Java & Play Framework Apps to the Cloud

    by Sandeep Bhanot

    Heroku is a Polyglot Cloud Application Platform that makes it easy to deploy Java & Play! apps to the cloud. With no servers, routers, load balancers etc. to manage, you’re free to focus entirely on your code and deployment is as simple as doing a "git push". This session will teach you how to deploy and scale Java & Play! apps on Heroku.

    At 12:10pm to 1:00pm, Tuesday 1st November

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  • Java EE 7: Developing for the Cloud

    by Arun Gupta

    This talk introduces the Java EE 7 platform, the latest revision of the Java platform for the enterprise. The focus of Java EE 7 is on the cloud, and specifically it aims to bring Platform-as-a-Service providers and application developers together so that portable applications can be deployed on any cloud infrastructure and reap all its benefits in terms of scalability, elasticity, multitenancy, etc. Furthermore, Java EE 7 continues the ease of development push that characterized prior releases by bringing further simplification to enterprise development. It also adds new, important APIs such as the REST client API in JAX-RS 2.0 and the long awaited Concurrency Utilities for Java EE API, and plenty of improvements to all other components.

    At 12:10pm to 1:00pm, Tuesday 1st November

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  • Public vs Private Cloud: A Convenient Fiction

    by Sam Newman

    Much FUD has been spread by traditional infrastructure vendors regarding the 'public' nature of many IAAS providers. The reality however is that the world does not fit cleanly into these two desecrate camps. When understanding what offering is right for you, there are significantly more important distinctions to draw than terms used by marketing departments.

    At 12:10pm to 1:00pm, Tuesday 1st November

  • Open Source PaaS

    by Paul Fremantle

    Cloud Platforms or PaaS are the next wave of middleware: people are looking at finding complete platforms that can scale from a single instance to running complete enterprise apps as a service. Paul Fremantle will describe what a PaaS is, look at the PaaS offerings available and then dig deep into an Apache-based Open Source PaaS, looking at installation, multi-tenancy, scaling, coding, and more.

    At 3:00pm to 3:50pm, Tuesday 1st November

  • Cloud Storage Simplified

    by Adrian Cole

    Key/value stores are the most common storage offerings in the cloud today. We'll introduce storage concepts and differences between cloud storage providers including Amazon S3, Rackspace Cloud Files & Microsoft Azure Blob Service. We'll demonstrate how jclouds BlobStore helps Java and Clojure developers avoid lock-in and increase testability without restricting access to provider-specific features

    At 4:20pm to 5:10pm, Tuesday 1st November

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Wednesday 2nd November 2011

  • Big Blobs: moving big data in and out of the cloud

    by Adrian Cole

    A large draw to cloud computing is easy access to large scale data and computing power. This is balanced with concern around the data physics issue: How can I get my data in and out of the cloud or between clouds, reliably, quickly & most economically? This session will present practical advice on how to move >5GB data in and out of clouds such as Amazon S3, OpenStack Swift & Azure Blob Service

    At 11:30am to 12:20pm, Wednesday 2nd November

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