Sessions at JAX London 2011 - Autumn Edition about Software Architecture

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Wednesday 2nd November 2011

  • Avoiding Software Insanity - it's the Architecture, Stupid!

    by Alexander von Zitzewitz

    Most non-trivial software systems suffer from technical debt, and this burden acts like an ever-increasing tax on every code change or new feature. The cost of change is growing faster than the code base, and little is being done to address this problem. The session explains why this problem is so difficult to solve and identifies potential solutions that have a high return on investment.

    At 11:30am to 12:20pm, Wednesday 2nd November

  • Life, the Universe, and Everything: Sixty Years of Architectural Knowledge in Sixty Minutes

    by Alasdair Nottingham

    Some architectural problems have been with us - in one form or another - since the dawn of software development: How should I modularise my application? How can I ensure my application is loosely coupled? How can I keep things abstracted and encapsulated, and how much abstraction and encapsulation is too much? What system should I use for loading my program (classes) into memory? How do I configure my application? How should I handle maintenance and versioning? As software developers, we've learned a lot about writing modular, maintainable, and cleanly architected programs since we first fed a string of 0s and 1s into a computer. However, there are still lots of open questions. This talk will explain what we now know and discuss the architectural challenges which are still worrying us, as an industry. It will go underneath the theory to provide real-world examples of when patterns go right, when they go wrong, and when they go so wrong they leave a trail of architectural destruction in their wake.

    At 4:45pm to 5:35pm, Wednesday 2nd November

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