Sessions at JAX London 2011 - Autumn Edition about Web and Web Architecture on Monday 31st October

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  • REST in Practice - A Workshop on Web-based Distributed Systems

    by Jim Webber and Ian Robinson

    The Web is fast becoming a serious competitor to traditional enterprise architecture approaches. This full day workshop will provide an introduction to RESTful Web Service techniques, both from a theoretical and practical perspective. This full day workshop is broken down as follows: * Introduction and Motivation * The Web Architecture * Simple Web Integration including POX and URI tunnelling * CRUD Services using URI templates and HTTP * Semantics using Microformats and RDF * Hypermedia and the REST architectural style * Scalability and how a text-based client-server polling protocol outperforms everything else! * ATOM and ATOMPub for event-driven and pub/sub applications * Security * Conclusions and further thoughts Participants should be comfortable with distributed computing concepts, but won't need any particular integration or middleware experience.

    At 9:00am to 5:00pm, Monday 31st October

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