Sessions at JAX San Jose about REST and Web and Java on Tuesday 21st June

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  • Webs of Data: The Future Starts Now

    by Brian Sletten

    The steady adoption of REST brings with it architectural properties that made the Web of Documents so successful by freeing documents from their filesystems. Now, the same thing is happening to Webs of Data. REST is opening a door to share interlinked data in the Enterprise and on the Internet. The Semantic Web builds on this and frees the information from its containers whether they are databases, documents or services.
    Benefits include:
    *improved search results
    *sharing information on the Web
    *weaving information into and extracting it from documents
    *organizing content the way you want to see it
    If you think the question, "Why should I be on the Web?" sounds silly to modern ears, come find out why "Why should I publish my data on the Web?" will someday sound as silly.

    At 11:15am to 12:30pm, Tuesday 21st June