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☞ Desigan Chinniah ☜

Partnerships firestarter @mozilla & @firefox. Normally riding a big bird or in the park with my family. Always up for a coffee. Say


Computer Scientist, potential Ph.D, Linux Mozillian/Maemo/MeeGo, C++/Qt FLOSS, P2P. N900/N9 user. Not fan of Java. Warhammer 40K. #Unlike bio from Twitter

Michael Mahemoff

Choose Web! Maker, Writer, Former Developer Advocate at Google. #UX #DevExp #HTML5 #Chrome #Agile #Psych

dietrich ayala

Firefox OS project manager, food enthusiast, flyer of kites.,,, bio from Twitter

David Illsley

Developer, Techie, Scot. Currently working @gdsteam. All posts and thoughts my own and not of my employer. bio from Twitter

Damian Kimmelman

ENTJ, Internet entrepreneur and founder of bio from Twitter

Andrew Hayward

Engineer and Badger Herder at #MozillaFoundation. Opinionated, if you can get him to actually talk.

Shane Wohlers

Dandy / Digital Flaneur. Learning. Technology. Collaboration. Stayin' gold like Ponyboy would.

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Jeff Griffiths

Developer Engagement at Mozilla

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