Sessions at Jfokus 2011 about Testing

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Wednesday 16th February 2011

  • The future of Java enterprise testing

    This talk unveils the missing link in enterprise Java development: simple, portable integration tests. For many, this void has long made enterprise Java development an arduous undertaking. While development life is simple with unit tests and mocks, they only take you so far. Eventually, you need to validate how your components interact and operate in their intended environment--you need real integration tests. Yet, writing integration tests has meant assuming the burden of bootstrapping all or part of your infrastructure. That's time lost and it places a mental barrier on testing.

    Arquillian, a container-oriented testing framework layered atop TestNG and JUnit, tears down this barrier. It does so by bringing your test to the runtime rather than requiring you to manage the runtime from your test. Picking up where unit tests leave off, Arquillian enables you to test real components that rely on real enterprise services in a real runtime. What's the secret ingredient?

    This talk will show how Arquillian simplifies integration testing by providing a component model for tests, just as Java EE 5 simplified server-side programming by providing declarative services for application components. The test component model consists of container lifecycle management, test enrichment (dependency injection), container deployment and in-container test execution. Using a component model means your tests are portable and able to move between different environments, from single embedded or remote to multi-server to multi-cloud nodes.

    Attend this talk to learn about the future of Java enterprise testing.

    At 9:00am to 9:50am, Wednesday 16th February

  • Give Scala a try? Test your Java code with Scala

    by Andreas Kaltenbach

    With release of version 2.8 back in summer 2010, Scala skyrocketed to one of the most promising alternative JVM languages on the planet. Have you also heard a lot of good news about Scala and ever since wondered how you could get Scala into your everyday's business? Maybe it's a good time to consider writing your tests in Scala. This session explains, how the purely object-oriented and functional nature of Scala enables you to write better and more concise tests in less time. By applying Scala's neat concepts like traits, implicits and first-class functions, we'll demonstrate how you are able to circumnavigate typical TDD pitfalls and anti patterns. With ScalaTest and ScalaCheck, you have great frameworks at hand which provide Scala developers with convenient APIs and give you yet another boost in productivity and test quality. So, why not killing two birds with one stone: make your first steps towards a Scala pro and save yourself valuable coding time!

    Andreas Kaltenbach, Stendahls.net

    At 2:00pm to 2:50pm, Wednesday 16th February

  • Test-driven Regex Development

    by Staffan Nöteberg

    There are many popular myths concerning regular expressions (Regex). First, it's exceptionally hard to master Regex. Second, a normal programmer rarely needs Regex. Third, Regex are tricky to read and hence can't be maintained.That is all wrong!No prior Regex knowledge is required for this very practical session. Expect live coding and mini exercises, when Staffan reveals the secrets.

    Staffan Nöteberg, Rekursiv

    At 3:35pm to 3:50pm, Wednesday 16th February