Sessions at jQuery Conference: SF 2011 about jQuery on Sunday 17th April

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    by Julian Aubourg

    In jQuery 1.5, the ajax method, responsible for all ajax requests issued using the library, has been completely rewritten. Since 1.5 has been released, Deferreds and how they're used internally by ajax has seen a lot of press. Less known are the three ajax extension points introduced with the rewrite: - prefilters, - converters, - and, transports. In this talk, I'll present those extension points, how they can be used and, also, how flexible ajax can get when prefilters, converters and transports are used together.

    At 11:15am to 12:00pm, Sunday 17th April

  • How jQuery is helping Pixar to make their movies

    by Philip Floetotto

    Making movies is not all about pretty pictures as the management effort for creating Oscar winning movies is often a daunting tasks. This talk focuses on how jQuery is used to create flexible and intuitive tools to help our production team stay organized. We'll be covering some of our in-house plugins as well as how jQuery UI enabled us to create fast and interactive interfaces for both managers and artists.

    At 1:00pm to 1:30pm, Sunday 17th April

  • Harnessing jQuery Templates and jQuery Data Link, to build dynamic data-driven browser apps

    by Boris Moore

    jQuery Templates is much more than an engine to render HTML strings from data. It is designed to harness data and provide the means to easily build rich, maintainable, responsive, interactive browser apps in ways which, without templates, would be a daunting task. jQuery Data Link is also coming of age, and this presentation will show how together Templates and Data Link open up powerful new possibilities. The presentation will address not just first steps in using templates and data linking, but also dive deeper into some of the more advanced scenarios, and reveal the potential provided by some of the less well-known features.

    At 1:45pm to 2:30pm, Sunday 17th April

  • Presentational jQuery

    by Douglas Neiner

    Many jQuery users were introduced to the library when they needed to make something "slide up" or "move around" on the page. Regardless of how far you have come in your use of jQuery since then, animation and css changes still have a very big and often overlooked role in providing feedback to the user. Even experienced developers make mistakes in their use of the CSS and animation methods when they don't understand how to balance CSS, jQuery and user expectations. Mistakes in this area can often lead to sluggish performance and broken interfaces.

    Learn how to effectively use the jQuery CSS and animation methods to provide clear and meaninful feedback to the user while keeping your code efficient and fast. We'll take an in depth look at queing, easing, class manipulation strategies, animation strategies, custom animations and some additional tricks of the trade. Feel free to bring your laptop and follow along as you will be able to start using these techniques right away.

    As a bonus, we will also take a brief look at how jQuery can be used as a backup for CSS3 transitions and animations.

    At 1:45pm to 2:30pm, Sunday 17th April

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  • Sneaking structure into your DOM-based application

    by Garann Means

    You thought you were building a proof of concept, but then that proof of concept went live. Or you had two weeks to build what should have taken two months. Or the handful of progressive enhancements you threw onto a page to make the user experience a little nicer somehow evolved into an entire single-page app. Whatever the reason, you find yourself with a full-blown application built around click events and a staggering number of plugins you can't even remember downloading. If you could rewrite it, you'd use a framework built with your scenario in mind, but it gets 17 zillion hits a day and there's only one of you and starting from scratch isn't an option. No, what you need is the philosophy of a framework broken into discrete pieces that fit into a one- or two-week release cycle. This talk aims to provide bite-sized strategies you can implement in a short amount of time with minimal disruption to unchain your application from the DOM.

    At 2:45pm to 3:30pm, Sunday 17th April

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  • jQuery Development Productivity++

    by Paul Irish

    Get up to speed on all the newest features of a web app developer's best friend, Chrome Dev Tools. Update CSS styles on the fly, get a diff or save changes to disk. Set breakpoints on everything imaginable and dig into the networking stack to uncover performance gains.

    Get better familiarized with the tools you depend on to make you productive. We'll cover tricks unique to jQuery development and techniques for faster iterations within your team, through collaborative debugging.

    At 3:45pm to 4:15pm, Sunday 17th April

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  • Creating mind-blowing UX - "Building great user experiences with the help of jQuery"

    by Darcy Clarke

    Don't be surprised if you walk away from this talk with the tools to build something that users can't stop tweeting and retweeting about; like it was a Justin Bieber song.

    User experience has never been more important. You only get one shot at impressing a new user and jQuery can help you meet that challenge. Cracking open the core UX philosophies and learning to master usability, user interface and interaction, with the help of jQuery and friends, this talk will give you the tools and understanding to create a meaningful experience for any project.

    At 5:30pm to 6:00pm, Sunday 17th April

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  • Understanding jQuery Events, and working new HTML5 APIs

    by Boaz Sender

    In this talk we will step through some of the exciting new HTML5 JavaScript APIs at a high level and cover how to use jQuery to interact with them. Specifically, we'll look at patterns for working with new HTML5 events, and accessing some of the new event properties that we can use to make our web apps behave like desktop apps.

    At 5:30pm to 6:00pm, Sunday 17th April

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  • Panel

    Members of the jQuery Team answer your questions.

    At 6:15pm to 7:00pm, Sunday 17th April