Sessions at jQuery Conference: SF 2011 about JavaScript

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Saturday 16th April 2011

  • Deferreds - Putting Laziness to Work

    by Dan Heberden

    About four nested callback functions later, you realize that something needs to change. You wanted this site's code to be organized, maintainable, testable and DRY right? Wouldn't it be nice if your callbacks could run when any function was complete, even asynchronous ones? And how about if you could chain that callback, for example, to the $.ajax() call you just made? Or build your own and decide when to fire any bound callbacks? Meet $.Deferred, the feature that satisfies all of these needs. Think of it like callbacks on steroids. Plus, it's already used by $.ajax() for asynchronous awesomeness. We'll cover the basics of creating and using Deferreds and bring those principles into application architecture. You'll learn great ways to integrate Deferreds into your site's code and reap some sweet benefits. In short, you'll learn how to separate components of your application amongst synchronous and asynchronous behaviors. Saving time and reducing headaches: included.

    At 5:15pm to 6:00pm, Saturday 16th April

Sunday 17th April 2011

  • Nailing the Interactions on Pageless Apps (with Backbone.js)

    by Matt Kelly

    Make your users happy by building webapps without page loads. People waiting 2,000ms or more for a page on your app to load are losing interest and focus. Learn how to create an interface that responds in less then 100ms with Backbone.js, a JavaScript library created to keep large amounts of JavaScript organized and reusable. Examples from real applications will be used to demonstrate how pageless apps can be used to implement great interactions and make people happy. Both implementation and design decisions will be discussed.

    At 1:00pm to 1:30pm, Sunday 17th April

  • Sneaking structure into your DOM-based application

    by Garann Means

    You thought you were building a proof of concept, but then that proof of concept went live. Or you had two weeks to build what should have taken two months. Or the handful of progressive enhancements you threw onto a page to make the user experience a little nicer somehow evolved into an entire single-page app. Whatever the reason, you find yourself with a full-blown application built around click events and a staggering number of plugins you can't even remember downloading. If you could rewrite it, you'd use a framework built with your scenario in mind, but it gets 17 zillion hits a day and there's only one of you and starting from scratch isn't an option. No, what you need is the philosophy of a framework broken into discrete pieces that fit into a one- or two-week release cycle. This talk aims to provide bite-sized strategies you can implement in a short amount of time with minimal disruption to unchain your application from the DOM.

    At 2:45pm to 3:30pm, Sunday 17th April

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