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  • The Middle Way: Developing Hybrid Mobile Apps

    by Alex Kessinger

    HTML5 is awesome ... well Wait.

    It's great that the spec comes with all these fancy new tools, but how do I take this pristine spec, and shove it into some phones.

    While there have been two ways now comes a third, but it's not easy. As a web engineer trying to build hybrid apps I use web tech as much as possible, but fall back to the native code when necessary.

    Transitioning from a web developer to a mobile app developers isn't easy. It requires learning new coding techniques, but it also requires appropriating new ideas about how to use web technologies in the context of mobile apps. While using your existing web code skills is great start, most of us will need to learn some more to get into the mobile groove.

    Some of the things we are doing that I will talk about are: start with minimal help like jQuery. MVC is the way to go, but don't let it run your world. The Application Cache is awesome when it works. It's what you do when it doesn't that counts. Native isn't something you get out of the way, it's a big partner. Not everything is cotton candy, and pop rocks. There needs to be some more fancy tools. Right now everything in hybrid app development is about compromise, and how to do that without holding a zealot's grudge against native code. Past the nuts, and bolts, I want to inform people about the daily struggle of building a hybrid app on multiple platforms.

    At 3:45pm to 4:15pm, Sunday 17th April

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