Sessions at JSConf EU 2011 about JIT on Saturday 1st October

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  • JavaScript JITs

    by David Mandelin and David Anderson

    We're going to get down and dirty with just-in-time compilers for JavaScript, all the way down to the bare metal. We're going to present three major JavaScript JIT technologies. First, we'll crack open general-purpose JIT compilers like Firefox 4's JaegerMonkey. Next, we'll dive into inline caching, which allows JaegerMonkey to optimize property access, and more generally adapt and re-optimize as code runs. Finally, we'll show off fully optimizing compilers like our next-generation IonMonkey project, which uses type information to enable advanced optimizations.

    For each technology, we'll give an overview, discuss performance characteristics, and analyze generated assembly code in depth. Warning: presentation includes self-modifying code.

    At 11:45am to 12:15pm, Saturday 1st October

    In Downstairs, Alte Münze Berlin

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