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  • RichFaces 4 rolling to Mobile Era

    Mobile devices and smart phones are rapidly becoming the primary web client for significant amount of users. For the web developers it represents new area where they should focus when developing applications. They need to handle device specifics as feature support and display possibilities.

    RichFaces is opening doors for engineers which are focused on application development and rely on framework to handle consequences. RichFaces comprises suite of component which is optimized for use on both, mobile and desktop clients.

    Lukas is going to discuss where HTML5 and CSS3 fits into the picture and how can JSF and RichFaces help developers to write applications which handles upcoming requirements on mobile era.

    Slides: http://www.slideshare.net/lfryc/...

  • Testing JSF with Arquillian and Selenium

    by Lukáš Fryč

    Testing of web applications is significant part of development cycle from perspective of both, application development and quality assurance.

    JSF concepts makes testing of applications simple by separation of concerns, but enforces employing of specific tools for testing business logic and user interface.

    Lukas is going to cover testing pitas and introduce frameworks which make testing of JSF application a breeze and motivate developers to follow concepts of test-driven development.

    Slides: http://www.slideshare.net/lfryc/...

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