Sessions at JUDCon/JAX London on Tuesday 1st November

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  • Middleware Everywhere - Ready for Mobile and Cloud

    by Mark Little

    The traditional role of middleware in the data center has been challenged to expand and meet the ubiquitous computing demands becoming more prevalent. The way applications are built, deployed, integrated and managed must accommodate the rapidly evolving mobile and cloud paradigms, without sacrificing security or performance.

    Open Standards, and a more agile stewardship of the Java Community Process will enable developers, architects and IT executives increase return on their existing IT investment and spur innovation in next generation application environments.

    Please join Dr. Mark Little, Sr. Director Middleware Engineering, as he discusses Red Hat's vision for how JBoss Enterprise Middleware will drive social, mobile and cloud computing.

    At 9:45am to 10:30am, Tuesday 1st November

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  • Racing JBoss AS7 bootup across clouds

    by Adrian Cole

    Developers want to release code as fast as possible. Compute clouds want developers to release code to them. This is a story about how these two goals converge.

    The jclouds project formerly used JBoss AS6 to perform functional testing of compute clouds. We felt running an application server is a pretty useful model for what developers look to achieve. When we moved to JBoss AS7, we were expecting a relatively smooth update. In reality, we found a surprising performance story!

    This presentation will review performance considerations when deploying application servers across multiple cloud providers. We'll discuss to install, bootstrap, and reboot time that affect your agility with real numbers on over a dozen compute clouds like Amazon EC2.

    This is a no-hype talk: when you leave, you'll know how to make your own jclouds tests to test your cloud deployment of choice.

    At 10:50am to 11:40am, Tuesday 1st November

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  • Configuration and Management with JBoss AS 7

    by Emanuel Muckenhuber

    Besides its modular architecture, JBoss AS 7 introduces a simplified configuration model and the ability to manage complex multi-server environments. This presentation will cover the core concepts behind the configuration and management model, with an emphasis on managing and deploying to multiple AS instances as part of a managed domain. Additonally we will look into the detyped API, operation-handlers and how Extensions (Subsystems) actually integrate and interact with the management services.

    At 12:10pm to 1:00pm, Tuesday 1st November

  • OSGi in complex Enterprise Applications on AS7

    by Thomas Diesler

    This session gives deep insight in the JBoss OSGi subsytem that is available in JBoss AS7. Starting with background information on OSGi in general, Thomas introduces the main objectives of this technology and explains the unique JBoss OSGi vision. Combining the best of two worlds we show how modern Enterprise Applications on AS7 can use the OSGi component model and vice versa.

    At 3:00pm to 3:50pm, Tuesday 1st November

  • Weld-OSGi: Injecting easyness in OSGi

    by Mathieu Ancelin

    Originally created for embedded and mobile appliances, OSGi has become a widespread foundation for building modular and dynamic applications on top of the Java platform. Despite its maturity and proven track record, OSGi is more than often referred to as a source of significant complexity for no actual benefits. In this presentation, we will show you how OSGi, CDI and Weld nicely fit together in Weld-OSGi to assemble regular and dynamic components with no added complexity on the developer side. The agenda of the presentation is the following : - CDI, a really nice tech. for Java EE environments - ... and more ? - OSGi, deep dive into a modular and dynamic world - Meet Weld-OSGi - Weld-OSGi design - Features and programming model - Pro and cons - Back to the future ! - Demo: real life app with Weld-OSGi - Conclusion First part of the presentation is about CDI technology, how you can use this amazing piece of tech. inside and outside Java EE containers with Weld and how Weld wasn't yet available for OSGi environment despite its amazing assets. Then the Weld-OSGi framework will be presented after a small summary about OSGi platform. We'll see how the framework is designed and how it enhances standard OSGi bundles with the power of CDI. Each major feature of the framework will be simply explained with short examples. We'll also see how you can benefit from this framework in your modular applications. We will present the future of the Weld-OSGi framework and how we plan to enhance it and integrate it with other techs. Then the presentation will end on a real life app. demo written with Weld-OSGi.

    At 4:20pm to 5:10pm, Tuesday 1st November

  • Rapid Enterprise Programming: Testable Development with AS7 and Arquillian

    by Andrew Lee Rubinger

    This presentation unveils the missing link in enterprise Java development: simple, portable integration tests. We'll introduce a solution in the first half of the session and demonstrate it in the second.

    Unit tests and mocks get you only so far. Eventually you need to verify that your components operate and interact correctly in their intended environment you need integration tests. Yet writing integration tests has meant taking on the barrier of bootstrapping the necessary infrastructure.

    Arquillian, a container-oriented testing framework built on TestNG and JUnit, tears down this barrier. It enables you to write portable tests that invoke real components using real enterprise services in a real runtime. In other words, you can write real tests.

    And with JBoss AS7, getting your code fired up and running has never been faster. This latest rebirth of the Application Server is the leanest, most efficient we've seen yet.

    At 5:20pm to 6:10pm, Tuesday 1st November