Sessions at JUDCon/JAX London about Java EE on Monday 31st October

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  • Arquillian - The Extendable Enterprise Test Platform

    Arquillian is the missing link in Java EE development. Developers have long had to fend for themselves in the testing stage, burdened with bootstrapping the infrastructure on which the test depends. That's time lost, and it places a high barrier to entry on integration testing. Arquillian tears down that barrier. Arquillian is a container-oriented test framework. It picks up where unit tests leave off, targeting the integration of application code inside a real runtime environment. Just as Java EE 5 simplified the server programming model by providing declarative services for POJOs, Arquillian equips tests with container lifecycle management and enrichment. This talk will go behind the scenes of Arquillian, lift up the curtain and unveil the Extendable Enterprise Test Platform. We'll look at how you can take advantage of the test platforms infrastructure to fit your testing needs. We'll show you how to write extension so you can: - Give your test classes new capabilities - Manipulate the packaging process - Hide testing framework integration complexity - Integrate into the test runners lifecycle - Integrate with existing test runners - Create your own Container

    At 10:00am to 11:00am, Monday 31st October

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  • Java EE in the Cloud

    by Pete Muir

    In this session, Pete will introduce to OpenShift, the first Platform-as-a-Service available for Java EE. He will show you how to run create a new Java EE application and deploy it on OpenShift Express, a free, shared multi-tenant environment made to be as simple as possible to get started quickly. He'll then deploy the same application to Openshift Flex, which gives you dedicated VMs and DevOps control over architecture along with monitoring. Pete will then outline some of the updates coming in Java EE 7 to support multi-tenancy - a key component of any PaaS.

    At 12:15pm to 1:15pm, Monday 31st October

  • Seam Forge: From Zero to Java EE in 60 seconds

    by Paul Bakker

    How many times have you wanted to start a new project in Java EE, but struggled to put all the pieces together? Seam Forge is a command line tool that helps you setting up and configuring Maven projects in an incremental way. During this presentation you will see how Forge can be used to setup a full Java EE 6 project. Also plugin writing will be demonstrated.

    At 3:15pm to 4:15pm, Monday 31st October