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Monday 31st October 2011

  • TorqueBox - Where Ruby meets CDI

    by Marek Goldmann

    There are now quite a few programming languages available on the Java platform (JVM), which has been the case for quite a while. This allows developers to pick the language best suited to their application's needs without sacrificing the power and stability of the JVM. We're not losing the advantages of the JVM by choosing a language other than Java, but what do we gain? For more expressive JVM languages, we can develop faster, and bring back some of the joy of programming. Ruby is a popular and powerful programming language. It owes its success (and power) to its clean and expressive syntax. Why not take advantage of its power and create a system where pretty applications can be run on a very stable and scalable environment? Meet TorqueBox. TorqueBox is the first real application server for Ruby. It allows you to run multiple applications based on Rack (Rails, Sinatra) on the JBoss Application Server. Big deal you say. In reality TorqueBox is much more. Many enterprise-class services offered by JBoss AS such as messaging (JMS) and scheduled jobs are fully available to applications written in Ruby. It is even possible to inject Java EE 6 components like CDI beans into Ruby. Engine written in EJB, front-end in Rails? And everything clustered? Why not! In this session you'll learn how to connect various Java components (CDI beans, message queues) with a simple Rails application.

    At 4:30pm to 5:30pm, Monday 31st October

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