London Ajax User Group Meetup: JavaScript Game Engines, Part 2 attendee directory

Andrew Seddon

productive and reasonable citizen of the world. Founder of CircuitHub. bio from Twitter

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jonathan chetwynd

web stories without words bio from Twitter

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Selim Arsever
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London Ajax UG

London Ajax User Group. We'll meet the 2nd Tuesday of every month at 18:30 at the Skills Matter office. bio from Twitter

Kornel Lesiński

AKA porneL. Speaking about the web stack from HTTP up.

John Smith

qwertyuiop asdfghjkl zxcvbnm bio from Twitter

Anthony Mann

Founder of @MakeUsProud & @YLDio - Digital Product Designer - Engineer - Previously @Apple bio from Twitter

Jan Krutisch

maker. breaker. crush groover. body mover.

Martyn Loughran

Red Brompton pedalling East London cafe frequenter – tech thinker, aesthetic programmer, aspiring maker, & former purveyor of fine messaging products. bio from Twitter

Steve Karmeinsky

Networking tormentwhore, blogger, CoFounder CityMeetsTech / Placeholder - which is doing the start-up pivot thing.Tweets are my own bio from Twitter

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Dylan Schiemann

Known for things called Dojo, SitePen, and Comet

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