London Food CraftSpace Meetup attendee directory

Ruth Anthony

Wears dresses, eats cake, smokes the occasional cigar. Likes meat. bio from Twitter

Gail Doggett

Writer. Crafty. Baker. Eater. E17. Was Haslam... Expecting first baby in July. Food on http://onemilliongoldstars.com All me, etc. bio from Twitter

Monique Vanni

environmental consultant by day, foodie/blogger by night. very confused. bio from Twitter

Graham Walmsley

Graham is a writer, psychologist and actor who lives near London. bio from Twitter

Matthew Adams

Technology entrepreneur, co-founder of Endjin, .NET geek and enthusiastic cook. bio from Twitter

Chris Dreyfus

Professional eater, cook, consultant, mentor, LGBT equality advocate, rugby ref and general glutton. Part Time MBA Student. bio from Twitter

Verity Whittaker

Financial manager by day; baker and singer by night; lover of food and dreamer of impossible dreams ... More than the sum of my parts! bio from Twitter

Edward Crowley

Accident already happening. bio from Twitter


Occasionally I find time in between cooking, eating and exercising to write up my PhD thesis (molecular biology). bio from Twitter

Evidence Matters

because science reporting and decision-making should be evidence-based. RTs do not always imply endorsement. bio from Twitter

This person is involved with this event.
Florian Siepert

Snacks & scarves & @brunswickhse bio from Twitter

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