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Tom Hukins

Perl/Web Developer and Consultant


runs @opentechUK, interested in tech, engagement, climate, sustainability, and other misc troublemakings.

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Pedro Figueiredo

(computer || photography || music || politics || book) geek bio from Twitter

Adam Taylor

Riding bikes and wrangling code. Infrequently blogs, occasionally tweets. bio from Twitter

Johan Lindstrom

Like, wow! bio from Twitter

Andrew Jones

Software developer, geek, Arsenal fan. bio from Twitter

Dominic Thoreau

Data wrangling automation engineer. And I'm sticking to that. bio from Twitter

Clyde Ingram

Perl developer for several years. Advocates of Vim and Perlcritic. bio from Twitter

Billy Abbott

Drinks writer, meat robot, @WhiskyExchange web content editor, @TWEBlog scrawler, @WhiskySquad minion & booze blogger at @BillysBoozeBlog. I also like hats bio from Twitter


bioinformatician / sysadmin in London

This person is speaking at this event.
Gabor Szabo

Perl Trainer at @PerlMaven, Editor at the Perl Weekly http://perlweekly.com/ @PerlWeekly, Author of Padre, the Perl IDE http://padre.perlide.org/ bio from Twitter

Peter Haworth

Perl/Java programmer, unicycle hockey player, slow cooker of eccentric flavours bio from Twitter


various and long ;)

Felix Hawkins-Özer

Dynamic languages and FOSS fanatic who loves to learn, love, and skip with the fairies. For more techy stuff follow my businessy account @wwwhimsydoodle bio from Twitter


Perl geek, photographer, funny-guy. Tweets too much! Interests are varied and subject to change 'just because'. My PERSONAL account bio from Twitter


Distinctly rummy. bio from Twitter

Tatsuhiko Miyagawa

#sanfrancisco #cookpad #rebuildfm #sixapart #dotcloud #tokyo #japan #perl #ruby #hacker #geek #blogger #podcaster #tech #web #electronica bio from Twitter

Avi Greenbury

Open Source Software Hippy and all-round pedant. bio from Twitter


perl developer by day, clojure enthusiast by night (no time for crime fighting) bio from Twitter

Andy Armstrong

Technical Architect at the BBC bio from Twitter

Martin A. Brooks

Founder of Clues Ltd and instigator of the antibodyMX project. Cooking fanatic and frequent hitter of shuttlecocks. bio from Twitter


Technology Manager at the Civil Service delivering worldwide multi-lingual websites using Drupal CMS. Was a BBC IT supplier. My words are my own bio from Twitter

Norman Davis

awesome bio from Twitter

This person is speaking at this event.
Mark Fowler

Perl hacker, speaker, module author

David Precious

Professional Perl developer, Linux user and motorcyclist from Stevenage, Herts. Contributor to Perl Dancer project, and various CPAN modules bio from Twitter

David Leadbeater

Just your average cynical Brit. Ranting about the weather, transport, the internet and perl bio from Twitter

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