London IA March 2011 schedule


  • Strategic User Experience

    by Leisa Reichelt

    Familiar with the expression 'lipstick on a pig?'

    There's only so much IA or interaction design can rescue - the foundations of good user experience are found in the value proposition, the business model, the definition of a target audience - things that may seem beyond the reach and responsibility of a humble UXer.

    Leisa will share a framework for strategic user experience that will show how we can help facilitate good user experience from its birthplace in business strategy right through to the way we design an interface.

  • Wireframing the city

    by Andrew Travers

    Andrew will be reporting back from Berlin's Cognitive Cities, a conferenceexploring the future of cities and an ideas exchange between designers,architects, planners, geeks and activists - the people who use our citiesand are shaping their experience.

    He'll be reflecting on the conference's themes and talking about how ideasmanifest themselves in the public space; how the design of cities mightinform our work; and the contribution we as designers and informationarchitects might be able to make in the future.

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