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Ray Evans

Information Security Professional CISSP InterestED in infosec Management and Web standards and secure coding bio from Twitter

Laurence Kaye

Developer. Orange Blob. I like a cup of tea with my code in the morning. bio from Twitter

Stephen Newey

Maker and maintainer of Internet things. Likes to play with interesting new stuff. bio from Twitter

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Addy Osmani

jQuery Performance Tips and Tricks


Sisi, sono bio. Php Engineer @sign-up.to keeping an eye on new web technologies

Jamie Knight

Slighty autistic web developer, speaker & mountain biker. Never seen far from my plush side kick Lion (@lickr) Senior developer in BBC frameworks. Views my own bio from Twitter

Andrew Keats

Web designer living in London - wants to draw more cartoons bio from Twitter

Mairead Buchan

Tweets are 50% web development, 50% howling rage at the world around me. Dip me in rhinestones and throw me to the drag queens bio from Twitter

Rupert Bowater

Ancient geek (on my father's side). Into data vis & visual thinking, e-consultation, service design, black tea and warm beer. Co-organiser @webstandards bio from Twitter

andy iosifescu

ixd bio from Twitter

Josh Green

Jack of Photoshop, master of web. bio from Twitter


☭ 'Nothing is true, Everything is permitted' ☭ bio from Twitter

Frances Berriman

front-end development lead for @govuk & @gdsteam [ why i unfollowed you http://tinyurl.com/b7fnq27 ]

Neil Crosby

A jolly nice chap who hugs, writes code and cooks.

Colm Britton

Designer. Making things. In Beijing. Discovering the world bit by bit. Hooks: fun, food, photography, the web, travel, sport, box sets. Opinions my own bio from Twitter

Vickrum Loi

Computer Science. Web development. Game design. bio from Twitter

Matt Hinchliffe

Senior developer at the @FT. Formerly @lonelyplanet. Likes Scandinavian baked goods. bio from Twitter

Richard Scarrott

Senior Presentation Layer Developer at CREATETHE GROUP bio from Twitter

Matt Lucht

Enjoy helping people make things on the internet. Have a camera I don't use enough. Often found listening to music about whisky, heartbreak and tattoos.

Sven Lito

JavaScript Developer and passionate Rock Climber. Proud team member of @hoodiehq and @bower. bio from Twitter

Nick Dunn

Jockey of bolted horses. Fake news. Technical Director @wearefriday. #perf #a11y #cms bio from Twitter

Jeff Van Campen

Immigrant, husband, father, product manager, runner, swimmer. bio from Twitter

This person is speaking at this event.
Tim Ruffles

Writing lots of JS at @hellocubik. Co-organiser of @funjsldn, and Google Dev Expert for web bio from Twitter


Scruffgendered idiot. Front-end Drupal dev. Inventor of the Pot Noodle Sandwich. Perpetually irritated, but I try to not let it show. bio from Twitter


Better to reign in Hell than to serve in Heaven. Code, crypto-currencies and cats. bio from Twitter

David Powers

Writer of books on PHP and Dreamweaver bio from Twitter

Drew Miller

An Aussie front-end web developer living (and working) in London. I like music, guitars, comics, Internet technology, video games... and you! bio from Twitter

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