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  • Get testing today: Javascript Unit Testing with qUnit & jQuery

    by Crystal Hirschorn

    Web developers are moving towards making robust, complex web applications using technologies like Javascript both on the client and the server. Long gone are the days of applying Javascript only as an enhancement to web pages. These rich applications deserve the thorough testing applied through all of software engineering. It’ll save you time, your sanity and make you a better programmer. In this talk Crystal Hirschorn (@pand0ra83) will give a brief introduction to TDD, followed by hands-on examples of Javascript unit testing, both asynchronous and synchronous, using jQuery and qUnit testing framework.

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  • jQuery Performance Tips and Tricks

    by Addy Osmani

    Performance optimisation is a crucial aspect of building ‘snappy’ client-side applications and something which all developers using jQuery should bear in mind. In Addy Osmani's talk, he'll take a look at some of the best practices, tips and tricks for improving the performance of your jQuery code in 2011, with some quick wins and a few new surprises along the way.