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Ross Bruniges

Beer enthusiast. Mozilla web developer.

Jake Archibald

Googler. I want the web to do what native does best, and fast. No thoughts go unpublished. 'IMO' implicit. bio from Twitter

Alex Russell

Bringing the web platform into the late-90's, one spec at a time.

Tom Byers

Write code for @gdsteam, stand in awe of my friends, love Art & Hip hop, have been known to draw. bio from Twitter


Makes websites. Rides Bikes. Developer on @GOVUK.

James Weiner

Designing @poetica. Co-founder of @fermentzine.

Kat Thompson

Pixel Queen. Web and UX designer by day, geeky craftster by night. The only people who know how cool I am, are the secret police.


front-end developer, music enthusiast, sci-fi fan, life-hacker bio from Twitter

John Stewart

Currently user experience guru responsible for projects from design through to development. bio from Twitter

Andrew Hudson

Cyclist / front-end developer / runner bio from Twitter


'Nothing is true, Everything is permitted' 'Made in Estonia' bio from Twitter

Chris Waring

Product designer/developer for sound and social tech. Founder of @wwavesco, co-organiser of @meteorlondon.

Matt Lucht

Enjoy helping people make things on the internet. Have a camera I don't use enough. Often found listening to music about whisky, heartbreak and tattoos.

Andrew Nesbitt

Freelance Developer, Open Sourcerer and Rabbit Keeper

johanna kollmann

Freelance product manager, user researcher, information architect. UX, agile, systems thinking, collaboration, live music, literature, hiking, kayaking. bio from Twitter

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Richard Barrett-Small

Web Developer at the V&A in London. Richard likes Django, Python, MySQL, Geo and h.264. Runs http://www.viewfilm.net/, http://www.richwerk.com/ & Finsbury Park.

Mark Norman Francis

Internet boffin for hire. If you think I am tweeting in any official capacity, you are not tall enough to ride the Internet. bio from Twitter

James Aitken

Full stack Web/UX developer. Perl Hacker. Typo/Graphic designer via Arts London & TBWA. Former Apple Genius. Just a dude trying to change the world...

Mazz Mosley

Developer, geek, gamer, petrol head and caffeine junkie. Warning: contains strong language.

Simon R Jones

Founder & Tech Director of @studio24, PHP dev, accessibility advocate and organiser of @RefreshCambs. Father of two with an almost fanatical devotion to cheese

Mark Wubben

Humanist ∪ Technologist. ♡ working with the web. Occasional Dutch speaker. @ava__js sustainer. He/his. bio from Twitter

Thomas Britton

Front-end web developer and designer currently working at uSwitch.com bio from Twitter

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Joe Lanman

Design lead on @gdsteam Prototype Kit, previously on http://GOV.UK Verify, Petition Parliament, Register to Vote. Tweets don't represent my employer. bio from Twitter

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Jason Grant

Product, service & UX designer, conference speaker, lean start-up & UX mentor, dad, innovator, musician, CEO, business consultant & cyclist. @awardio founder. bio from Twitter

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Dave Letorey

Music fan, Organiser of @webstandards & Head of Change at http://www.squiz.net bio from Twitter

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☯Evil Jim O'Donnell

Professional cynic but my heart's not in it. Web developer for the Zooniverse (@the_zooniverse), @webstandards organiser, @AmnestyUK activist. bio from Twitter

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Steve Workman

London Web Standards Organiser, Occasional speaker, web perf advocate and Head of Web Engineering @Yell bio from Twitter

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Morena Fiore

Web Developer, jewellery maker @my_kodes, foodie and @webstandards co-organiser http://kodesaccessories.etsy.com bio from Twitter

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Rupert Bowater

Ancient geek (on my father's side). Into data vis & visual thinking, e-consultation, service design, black tea and warm beer. Co-organiser @webstandards bio from Twitter

Daniel Knell

Artisan of Code, Developer Ronin, and Friendly Giant

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