Sessions at Madison Ruby 2011 about Behavior Driven Development on Friday 19th August

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  • Free Whiskey

    by Rick Bradley

    In this talk I’ll discuss why in the world I would even remotely consider writing a(nother) capistrano replacement, how I justified it as an experiment with practical impact on our deployments, and how the experiment resulted in immediate payoffs. We’ll explore how looking at a problem of with fresh eyes changes the way we solve it. How insisting on doing the Simplest Thing That Could Work, and being religiously test-first (BDD) results in an incredibly fast and simple software. We'll discuss how we know when to add development overhead (git-flow management for releases, full end-to-end integration suites, formal issue tracking, etc.) as a project moves forward. Finally, we'll show you how to solve deployment issues you probably weren't even aware you had.

    At 11:30am to 12:00pm, Friday 19th August

    Coverage slide deck