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Brian Burridge

Christian. Software Engineer and Instructor @TheIronYard. Maker of @CommendableKids. Black Belt. Father. Love my family, Gators, movies, traveling, my country. bio from Twitter

Olivier Lacan

Software bricoleur at @codeschool, word wrangler, scientific skeptic, and logic lumberjack. Born and raised in Paris, recently escaped.

Erin Brown

Graduate student at @UFlorida studying web design & online communication. Web Developer. Sports journalist. Rubyist. Geek. bio from Twitter

Andrew Culver

Founder, http://www.churnbuster.io/ . Ruby on Rails and iOS Developer.

Erin Brown

Multimedia sports journalist. Code ninja. Amateur radio operator. Florida Gator. Thinker. bio from Twitter

Ben Browning

TorqueBox core contributor

Thomaz Leite

I tell computers to repeatedly do things. bio from Twitter

Edward J. Stembler

I create software products, usually web applications. Current interests: Machine Learning / Data Science, Data Visualization, Ruby, Python, Rust, Spark, D3.js bio from Twitter

Allison House!

Student of the extraordinary. Speaking about design, development, creativity, education, and the intersections thereof.

Sarah Williams

Gator Alum, gadget girl, novice RoR programmer, web developer, & all-around geek bio from Twitter

Josh Nichols

A hacker, a geek, an all around jolly fellow. CTO at @railsmachine bio from Twitter

Will Farrington

I work at @github in between bikes, beer, and bourbon. I co-wrote Boxen and am currently its forever-backlogged maintainer. bio from Twitter

Michael Orr

work: @cloudspace | write & draw: @prollynotfunny #rubyonrails #AWS #clouddeployments #comics #pets #wine #tech bio from Twitter

Brian P. Hogan

Author, PragProg editor, teacher, student, musician, and web developer. bio from Twitter

Jason Fraley

its a software fix, unless its firmware fix, otherwise its a simple hardware fix. bio from Twitter

Andy Lindeman

Software generalist focused on useful (and sometimes big) data. I like open source. bio from Twitter

Colin Devroe

Perpetually fascinated. bio from Twitter

Hans verschooten

laziness == automation

Christopher Deutsch

Fullstack web developer. Frontend guru. Node.js hacker. Working at Xamarin. bio from Twitter

Marshall Huss

Developer @treehouse, developer of @nezumiapp, homebrewer, dad bio from Twitter

Len Smith

i make software with computers and podcast at @turingcool bio from Twitter

Zach Holman

currently: founder, @duringapp. previously: @github, @gild. advising: @gitlab, @dockbit. bio from Twitter

Jeremy W

I build awesome stuff with the Rails at @terriblelabs and host #scotchoclock. Can haz opinions on how to build teams, brands, and software. #terriblelover bio from Twitter

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Andy Maleh

Software Craftsman Extraordinaire, Drummer, Snowboarder, Longboarder bio from Twitter

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Wesley Beary

gamer, hacker, herokai, mentor, open sourced, quantified, self bio from Twitter

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