Sessions at GigaOM Mobilize 2011 on Tuesday 27th September

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  • The $20 Billion Upset

    by Tom Gillis and Quentin Hardy

    There's a new force to be reckoned with in the enterprise: the consumerization of IT. The rise of mobile products such as the iPhone, iPad and Android platforms -- along with the easy accessibility of cloud computing services -- is radically disrupting conventional IT infrastructures. Resistance is futile. The network and content security industry is estimated to be worth more than $20 billion by 2015, and as advances in technology turn this industry upside down, smart and agile enterprises stand to realize considerable competitive advantages by recognizing the new shape of IT architecture and the value of a seamless user experience. This talk between Cisco Security's VP/GM Tom Gillis and the New York Times’ Quentin Hardy will delve deeper into the infinite number of possible responses demanded of IT departments.

    At 9:05am to 9:25am, Tuesday 27th September

  • Insights From Instagram

    by Kevin Systrom and Om Malik

    Not so long ago, if entrepreneurs had suggested combining photo editing with photo sharing on a mobile handset, they would have been laughed out of the room. Handset performance and network bandwidth just weren't there. But now they are, and Instagram owns the game. Learn about market timing, technology and user-experience lessons from a founder.

    At 9:25am to 9:45am, Tuesday 27th September

  • Will Enterprise Be The Game Changer For HTML5 And Tablet Apps?

    by Sean Whiteley, Adam Blum, Nathan Clevenger, Santiago Becerra and Chris Kemmerer

    For companies that have embraced device diversity, the decision to go with native or web-based mobile apps can cause analysis paralysis. While native apps provide richer functionality, in-house app developers have already standardized on HTML as the platform of choice for building B2B apps. Will enterprise lead the way in using cross-platform mobile development tools and mobile middleware platforms to get the job done? There is much anticipation and hype about the entry of tablet devices into the enterprise. Yet we are seeing very little innovation of applications that actually take advantage of the tablet's benefits. Is the future of the tablet simply replacing existing game consoles and e-readers, or will productivity be the app that really makes use of the tablet form factor?

    At 9:45am to 10:25am, Tuesday 27th September

  • 3 Key Pillars of Enterprise Mobility: Applications, Data & People

    by Stacey Higginbotham and Stephen Herrod

    Virtualization and high-powered smartphones are a match made in heaven for the enterprise. Most of the arguments involving security and data integrity disappear. We talk with the visionary CTO and thought leader at technology giant VMware about what he sees as the real outcomes of virtualization on the handset and where VMware will lead the industry next.

    At 10:25am to 10:45am, Tuesday 27th September

  • BYOD and the Mobility Revolution

    by Pejman Roshan

    Corporate IT has it's work cut out for them as users bring their own mobile devices to work. But how can the enterprise utilize these devices coming into the enterprise, extend key applications such as IP Tel and Unified Communications, maintain corporate security standards, make it easy on the end user, and do all of this without blowing the budget? Join us for an interactive session with live demonstrations of Mobile Unified Communications solutions that are changing the way people communicate. See how mobile UC is taking off with the coolest demonstrations on Apple and Android smart phones and tablets. One lucky attendee will win an iPhone/iPad WIFI controlled helicopter.

    At 10:45am to 11:25am, Tuesday 27th September

  • How to Keep Your App Free and Increase Downloads

    by Zephrin Lasker

    According to a 2010 study by Harris Interactive, an overwhelming amount of U.S. adults (even affluent ones) have a distinct preference for free apps. Attend this presentation and learn how developers for popular apps like TuneMe, Ant Smasher and Color Effects are using mobile signup ads to provide a respectful user experience and make $50+ CPMs. With the extra revenue, they are able to keep their apps free and increase the number of downloads in the Android market and Apple App Store.

    At 10:45am to 11:25am, Tuesday 27th September

  • Location Based Incentivization: Practitioners' Insight

    by Phil Hendrix, Philippe Browning and Shawn Gunn

    To capitalize on the promise and monetization of Location Based Advertising, there is much to consider as it relates to how mobile technology is evolving, true capabilities of the medium and consumer privacy. Join this session to learn about real world experiences, industry concerns and expectations moving forward.

    At 10:45am to 11:25am, Tuesday 27th September

  • Twitter and Engineering For Mobile

    by Michael Abbott and Om Malik

    Michael Abbot is a Valley legend in mobility, with stints at Palm and HP, among others. He now leads engineering at Twitter. Om talks to Michael about how Twitter's commitment to mobile and the Twitter ecosystem will shape the platform and what considerations he has to make in creating the perfect platform for sustaining a mobile experience and third-party developer ecosystem.

    At 11:25am to 11:45am, Tuesday 27th September

  • The Internet of Things to Come

    by Mike Kuniavsky

    The Internet-connected toaster never arrived, mercifully, but the continued success of the Kindle and some early Internet-connected objects points to larger consumer markets for the right product and the right applications. In this talk, we'll hear from the leading thought leader in the arena of "The Internet of Things."

    At 11:45am to 12:05pm, Tuesday 27th September

  • Infrastructure for the Internet of Things?

    by Tim Twerdahl, Bo Begole, David Rose, Laurie Lamberth and Bill Geiser

    To enable an "Internet of things," we need an infrastructure that allows lots of little "things" to communicate with us and each other. The base technology is mostly here, but innovation will be needed to drive cost and scalability down. This includes existing business models. In this session, we assemble some of the leading pioneers, researchers and practitioners to explore what we need to do to enable this ecosystem, what early applications will drive uptake. and what opportunities there will be for technologists and investors.

    At 12:05pm to 12:45pm, Tuesday 27th September

  • 4 Steps to Creating a Mobile Strategy

    by Scott Schwarzhoff

    Your customers have gone mobile… Are you going with them? In “4 Steps to Creating a Mobile Strategy” Scott Schwarzhoff, VP of Marketing at Appcelerator, explains the importance of developing a cross-platform mobile strategy.

    At 12:45pm to 1:45pm, Tuesday 27th September

  • Building Mobile Apps in the Cloud

    by Donna Burke and Max Katz

    Exadel’s Tiggr is a Cloud-based development platform for building mobile Web and native apps that uses PhoneGap and jQuery Mobile. In this workshop, you will see how to build and test cross-platform, cross device mobile Web apps consuming Cloud and Web services using HTML5, CSS3, and JavaScript using a drag-and-drop visual editor.

    At 12:45pm to 1:45pm, Tuesday 27th September

  • The Grand Challenge of Connecting Everything to Everyone, Everywhere

    by Craig Barratt and Stacey Higginbotham

    We are on the cusp of connecting everything to everything else: e-readers, tablets, netbooks, smart meters, smart cars, you name it. But with high bandwidth comes high demands on chipsets, batteries and spectrum. Atheros pioneered some of the first chips in the Wi-Fi standard. Now as Qualcomm Atheros, the company is delivering technology, both wired and wireless, to support the connection of everything. We talk with Craig Barratt about which technologies he thinks will be most prevalent in the market of the future, the role of Wi-Fi in connecting everything, and what else he believes is needed to make this grand vision a reality.

    At 1:45pm to 2:05pm, Tuesday 27th September

  • The Art of Location-Based Games

    by Ryan Kim and Ville Vesterinen

    Grey Area is the thought leader in location-based gaming. The company was founded to create breakthrough gaming experiences using real world locations as the context for mobile games. Based out of Finland, the small group has innovated compelling and engaging experiences. In this talk, we learn what makes the games compelling and what it is about bringing virtual experiences into real world existence that has consumers addicted.

    At 2:05pm to 2:25pm, Tuesday 27th September

  • Facebook: Making Mobile More Social

    by Kevin C. Tofel and Erick Tseng

    As Facebook looks to provide a full-featured user experience to more people in an increasingly mobile world, it must overcome a landscape fragmented in multiple dimensions: operating systems, devices, geographies and networks. We talk to Facebook Head of Mobile Products Erick Tseng, about how the company is leveraging the web to build its own products and how a recent acquisition is helping them deploy a unified Facebook experience on a very big scale.

    At 2:25pm to 2:45pm, Tuesday 27th September

  • The Guru Panel: The Secrets of High Engagement Apps

    by Neil Young, Ryan Kim, Danilo Campos, Tom Wang and Steve Douty

    To succeed in mobile, you need total engagement.What makes a high-engagement app? Is it design and UX? Social connectedness? Game mechanics? There are so many right answers and prescribed methods that it gets difficult for the developer and producer to understand. In this panel, we assemble some of the leaders behind the biggest apps out there to help shed light on what works for them and what might work for you. Come along and get some proven perspectives to take away.

    At 2:45pm to 3:25pm, Tuesday 27th September

  • Avoiding Common Legal Pitfalls of Start-Up Companies

    by Carlos W Ellerbe and John B Turner

    Have you started a company recently or thought about doing so? If so, this is a must-attend workshop. Representatives from Wilson Sonsini Goodrich & Rosati will discuss the common legal pitfalls that start-up companies should avoid in order to optimize their long-term success.

    At 3:25pm to 4:05pm, Tuesday 27th September

  • Mobilizing Your Business: Challenge or Opportunity?

    by John Herrema, Chuck Goldman, Bob Tinker, Philippe Winthrop and Julie Palen

    Though mobility is a hot topic in the tech world, organizations are still grappling with some of the most basic issues around mobility in the workplace. In fact, enterprise IT is reaching the end of the first chapter of this mobile transformation. Organizations are beginning to realize they need to look beyond mobile device management to a broader, more strategic opportunity to manage the mobile enterprise. This panel covers mobile device management, mobile application management, tablets, mobile cloud computing, security and more.

    At 4:05pm to 4:45pm, Tuesday 27th September

  • How Recent M&A Will Shape The Future of Mobility

    by Matt Murphy, Maha Ibrahim and Jonathan Marino

    In this fascinating fireside chat, we assemble a leading editor from the financial press and two thought-leading investors from technology to discuss the impact that recent M&A activity will have on present deals and for the future of the industry.

    At 4:45pm to 5:05pm, Tuesday 27th September

  • Building a Robust Developer Community

    by Marc Naddell, Brian Magierski and JP Finnell

    The app developer community is at the center of the industry shift moving from a “battle of devices" to a "war of ecosystems” (Stephen Elop). There are many segments of developers in the market ranging from enterprise developers and system integrators building B2B apps to startups, freelancers and agencies developing B2C apps. What does a robust developer look like? What are the elements of a healthy community? What metrics like app store community ratings and reviews apply? What are the unique challenges to working with internal vs external developers?

    At 5:05pm to 5:25pm, Tuesday 27th September