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Friday 18th November 2011

  • The New Era of (Non) Discoverability.

    by Dan Saffer

    Picture the iPhone's home screen. There are many actions you can take there, but only one of them (tapping an icon) is in any way visible. What happened to discoverability? It used to be that good UI design practice was that you make everything findable: we had icons with tooltips, menu bars with labels, affordances. Affordances: remember those? Those were nice. Quaint perhaps. Now we don't even have scrollbars! Our features vanish into gestures users will never remember and are impossible to find. How can we design in this new era of non-discoverabilty? What is it doing to our users, to our products, to UI design? This talk will explore those topics, and suggest a way forward.

    At 2:00pm to 2:35pm, Friday 18th November

MobX 2011

Germany Germany, Berlin

17th18th November 2011

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