Sessions at MobX 2011 about Microexperience and Mobile UX and User Interface

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Friday 18th November 2011

  • Designing for 'Microexperiences'.

    by Darryl Feldman

    With reliable data connectivity and powerful hardware capabilities phones are now small computers. However, how people interact with them is fundamentally different and it is more important than ever to reduce overload and simplify the user experience. This may also be at odds with business managers who want to add new features in an attempt to compete in the market. This presentation and workshop explains the importance of 'Microexperiences' and provides guidance and tools to help reduce the complexity of your mobile UI and still remain competitive.

    At 2:35pm to 3:05pm, Friday 18th November

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MobX 2011

Germany Germany, Berlin

17th18th November 2011

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