Sessions at MongoSV 2011 about MongoDB and Scaling on Friday 9th December

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  • Performance Tuning and Scalability

    by Kenny Gorman

    This talk goes over various performance tuning techniques used in real world examples from our various implementations of MongoDB at Shutterfly. We will cover various techniques including usage of the profiler, query tuning, monitoring for performance, data-modeling, data locality. I will also discuss our implementation of Facebook Flashcache for MongoDB.

    At 10:50am to 11:20am, Friday 9th December

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  • Scaling and Flexibility: Two case studies on leveraging the versatility of MongoDB

    by Erik Kellener

    Two very different MongoDB implementations; both with substantial outcomes. 1) Scaling MongoDB to calculate football team picks, and ranking in realtime, as the results unfold. 2) Leveraging MongoDB's flexible schema to reduce complexity and speed performance for XML data feeds. In both of these examples, we will review the architecture deployed on EC2, and discuss how MongoDB was a crucial component of the optimal solution.

    At 10:50am to 11:20am, Friday 9th December

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  • Schema Design at Scale

    by Eliot Horowitz

    Schema design is a critical step in making sure an application scales well. Schema design will impact various performance critical aspects of your deployment including index size, working set size, disk IOPS, query/update efficiency and data transfer rates. We’ll use real world use cases to examine how schema design impacts performance and what you can do to make your design rock solid.

    At 1:30pm to 2:15pm, Friday 9th December

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  • How and When to Scale MongoDB with Sharding

    by Jared Rosoff

    Sharding allows you to distribute load across multiple servers and keep your data balanced across those servers. This session will review MongoDB’s support for auto-sharding, including an architectural overview, usage patterns, as well as a few example use cases of real world sharded deployments.

    At 2:55pm to 3:40pm, Friday 9th December

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