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Russell Smith

Working on @rainforestqa with @fredsters_s & @smathieu bio from Twitter

Robbie Clutton

Software engineer, general geek and bruised snowboarder. Director @pivotal bio from Twitter

Wayne Moore

Web Developer (Ruby, Python, JavaScript, Rails, Django, OpenWeb, Java, Android, GNU/Linux, Mac OS X), {{ Coffee Addict }} bio from Twitter

Ciaran Rooney

CTO, Mentor & Speaker, Director of PHP London & PHP UK Conference organiser. bio from Twitter

Andrew Hayward

General busy-body at Etsy.

Romain Eude

CEO and co-founder at Utelly, ex Chief Technology Officer / CTO, Expert in Web + Mobile, loves solving painful problems

Sarp Centel

Mobile developer bio from Twitter

Maciej Matyjas

Mobile Development Manager @Hotels.com - all about functional programming bio from Twitter

Mat Wall

Technical architect at Government Digital Service


I tried. bio from Twitter

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Chris Harris


Martin Sadler

Tech Team Lead @simplybusiness and also known as that guy who made Working With Rails bio from Twitter

Neil Prosser

I love code. Writing it, fixing it, talking about it, reading other people write about it and trying to get better at it. MixRadio pay me for my code. bio from Twitter

Nasir Jamal

Developer - primarily Ruby and some fooling around. Love finding problems, exploring different ways to solve them. {Journeyman|Inquisitor|Learner|Runner}

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Phil Wills

Software Architect, The Guardian

Richard Spence

Javascript, scala, react.js, java, spring, Android, Ukulele Salesman and Pastafarian bio from Twitter

Gareth Lloyd

Software Developer at Conversocial.

Dave Henderson

develops mainly in node.js, python, frontend JS and C#


♥ Ruby, d3.js, Yoga and http://stepup.io (online video curation app)

Jonathan Tweed

Product management, landscape photography, what I had for lunch. Pretty much. bio from Twitter

Steve Challis

Hacker, Open Sourcerer, Pythonist. bio from Twitter

Ross Lawley

JVM Engineer at MongoDB. Working on the Java driver, Casbah and a new Scala driver. bio from Twitter

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Julian Browne

Equal Experts

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Dave Watson

Executive with software company. bio from Twitter

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Mihnea Giurgea


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MongoUK 2011

England England, London

19th September 2011

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