Music Hack Day London 2011 attendee directory

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Katy Beale

Co-founder of @wearecaper @articul8te @culturehack Editor of #museumsatplay

Edd Hannay

Hullo clouds, hullo sky bio from Twitter

Drew Crothers

Shaking the digital stick @ RADIOactive bio from Twitter

Keef M

Tech and gadget enthusiast. Lead iOS Developer at BBC News.

Roeland P. Landegent

▒ @Shoudio ▒ ♉ ▒▒▒ music ▒ mobile ▒ ▒ outside ▒ ♥@HeleenvanLier ▒ bio from Twitter

Iain Mullan

Developer. Made @Vinyl_Scrobbler, @PubMapper & @CoversFM. Based at Millers Junction, Dalston. +drives buggies at @StandonCalling bio from Twitter

Kara Mukerjee

Music / web geek at @openEMI / @theinsound. Atheist. JB drinker. Dirty blues, distortion fuzz, menacing electro appreciator. Believer in QotSA & @PapaVsPretty bio from Twitter

Becky Stewart

Preparing for the apocalypse one sweater at a time. Also a co-founder of @Codasign and @AntiAliasLabs. bio from Twitter

marcel corso

web dev @ shuffler.fm 音乐 ㅎㅎ bio from Twitter

Hannah Donovan

Design, music, technology.

ariel sommer

Learned my trade in Record labels and now I just joined one the most exciting start-ups around, musiXmatch. A whole new world and it couldn't be any better!

Cristiano Betta

Developer Experience Expert

Janita Han

@DSDHA || architect | tech pundit | christian bio from Twitter

Lucy Hughes

UX, running, horror films, Texas hold 'em, loud music, skirts with pockets, black coffee and greyhounds. bio from Twitter

Marek Ventur

Web developer @ http://www.last.fm bio from Twitter

Andreea Magdalina

Connecting things at @mixcloud. Addicted to yogurt. In love with LA. Nice to people. bio from Twitter

Russ Garrett

Infrastructure & tech operations geek; @londonhackspace and @emfcamp co-founder; aspiring space historian (@spacelog); beer fan & brewer; photographer.

Vicki Cole

We manages bands, takes pickers and designs websites bio from Twitter


Geek. bio from Twitter

Thomas Bonte

Music & web technologist, MuseScore co-founder, Drupal coder, entrepreneur, traveler, photographer, sports fanatic bio from Twitter


Product designer, user experience research and design. Drummer, guitarist, bass player, and autoharp player. bio from Twitter

Anthony Bowyer-Lowe

Music technologist & techno musicologist.

Tomasz Jureczko

contractor developer, JavaScript bio from Twitter

Daniel Knell

Artisan of Code, Developer Ronin, and Friendly Giant

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