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Ben Fields

Thinking about beer, data, music; order varies over time. I do some of my best thinking on a bicycle. Fixing all the data @funandplausible. Sometimes academic.

Adam Lindsay

An ex-expat American in his forties working at @Netflix. I built LOLCODE & @audiovroom and do computational remixology. A geek, not a city. bio from Twitter

Hannes Tydén

Tell us about Yousef! bio from Twitter

Stefano Rodighiero

Data engineer @idagio_official, previously @musixmatch. Perl, FP, programming languages, *data, @bookflocks, music, chess, bad jokes about timetravel bio from Twitter

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Dave Haynes

Investing in startups @Seedcamp. Previously @Makeshift @SoundCloud. Music Hack Day. Dad. bio from Twitter

Antoine Marguerie

Designer at http://basesecrete.com . Previously netvibes, fairtilizer, official.fm... bio from Twitter

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