Sessions at National Association of Government Webmasters National Conference about Content Strategy on Wednesday 14th September

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  • Writing web content

    by Carole Lassak

    Users don’t read on the Web. They scan, picking out individual words and sentences.

    Web users have also become more impatient than ever before. They are busy and want to find the information they set out for quickly. They want the facts without marketese or boastful claims found in much content presented on the Web. Your content must answer the users’ questions or they will quickly surf on. Writing appropriately for the Web improves the accessibility of your content and boosts your SEO.

    During this session, learn the guidelines for writing web content and put them into practice rewriting content from your own site. Review it with your peers. Leave this session with revised content ready to upload to your site.

    At 11:00am to 12:30pm, Wednesday 14th September