Sessions at Net:Work 2011 about Collaboration on Thursday 8th December

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  • 335,000 Collaborators - Across Timezones, Languages and Geography

    by Allen Delattre and Tom Conophy

    We're privileged to host Tom Conophy, CIO of InterContinental Hotels Group. Tom will talk about his successes and lessons learned using new collaboration tools in an old organization that spans the globe and employs 335,000 people. The talk will cover insights from using new technologies, overcoming cultural shifts and deploying to team members at all levels. Come away with true actionable insights from the CIO’s CIO.

    At 2:15pm to 2:35pm, Thursday 8th December

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  • Making Collaboration Work: Incentivization, Success Patterns, and New Ideas

    by David Coleman, Maksim Ovsyannikov and Sanjay Mathur

    “Collaboration” has become as much a business buzz word as “innovation.” More and more people are innovating the workplace by deploying collaboration. The results can be disappointing, as collaboration is often deployed in an ill-thought-out manner. In this talk, we'll reveal practices and axioms for making collaboration deployments succeed, including buy-in, incentivation, gamification and cultural change.

    At 4:55pm to 5:15pm, Thursday 8th December

  • Collaboration Beyond the Office

    by Aneel Bhusri, Stowe Boyd and David Smoley

    In this session, we sit down with a SaaS software legend and the CIO of Flextronics. Together, they share their secrets and insights about maximizing the return on SaaS and making it part of a broader collaboration strategy: one that extends beyond employees to customers as well. The talk will discuss what works, what doesn't, what contingencies need to be planned for, and how incentivizing collaboration needs to be a part of day-to-day operations.

    At 5:15pm to 5:35pm, Thursday 8th December

  • What do Start-Ups Have That You Do Not? The Collaboration Genome.

    by Tabrez Syed, Murtaza Hussain and Sameer Patel

    Modern startups seem to thrive using collaboration tools, whereas their more senior brethren lag behind. Is it because they're poor and desperate? Is it because they seem to be staffed by hoodie-wearing teenagers? It's neither. It’s because they build the process into their DNA at the beginning. We'll talk to two leaders about their trials and errors and provide insight into the startup way of collaborating.

    At 5:35pm to 6:00pm, Thursday 8th December

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