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Paul Gordon

Business minded developer, old school funk/breaks/house DJ and militant cyclist. I also run @MandatoryDesign bio from Twitter

Phil Wright

Likes the web. Comments and opinions are my own. bio from Twitter

Simon Corless

Web Developer, PHP & Zend Framework disciple, Sort of James Bond fan, lover of knowing how everything works and why (and how I could make my own)! bio from Twitter

Garrett Winder

Digital agency owner. My friends call me daddy.

Chris Morledge

this page is intentionally left blank bio from Twitter

Andrew Spooner

Creative Tech at Microsoft, living in Bristol, trying to make the most of the short time we're given on this beautiful planet. That's all. Carry on.

Alex Older

Front End Developer, Director @wearebluefly, Man behind @webdevconf bio from Twitter

Abid Din

Senior Web Developer at @AKQA • Likes to play with new/emerging technologies • Lover of Apple products • Obsessive Compulsive • Controversial views are my own bio from Twitter


I am a web designer, co-founder of @Mixd and an obsessive cyclist from Yorkshire. bio from Twitter

Kevin Rapley

Senior User Experience Designer at http://Technophobia.com bio from Twitter

Jonathan Elliman

Farm-to-table locovore bio from Twitter

Michael McKelvaney

Photographer, developer and geek. Based in Bristol but can be regularly found all over the world. [Views are _all my own_] bio from Twitter

David Bishop

Customise vinyl toys. Design websites. Spend too much money on music. Ideally want to spend all my time drawing. This is unrealistic however. bio from Twitter

Sean Ronan

head of technology for audionetwork, pilot and diver, although not all at the same time.


The unofficial official Microsoft blog for developers who love the web. bio from Twitter


My name is Ian Parr, I am a web developer & designer. I blog that and also about politics. I have adopted a pony. bio from Twitter


Web designer mainly developing with ExpressionEngine. But life is elsewhere. These days it mostly involves letterpress, creative get-togethers, and Processing. bio from Twitter

Andy Gott

Founder of Really Simple. Englishman. Northerner. Cyclist. Musician. Connoisseur of fine boardsports. Mostly, I make things that live on the web. bio from Twitter


Web guy, bike rider, rocker, and part-time Mr Scream impersonator. bio from Twitter

Jamie Reynolds

Frontend Developer @Crowdcube | Created @chanceofrainapp bio from Twitter


We're Krimson, a talented bunch of folks specialising in creative solutions for the web, print, social media and branding. bio from Twitter

Matt Hamm

Illustrator, Designer, Cyclist, Photographer, Lego geek, Star Wars Fan. Co-founder of @supereight. bio from Twitter

Oliver Wood

A designer who's been around for long enough to know the buttered side from the bald. Bike rider. Tea drinker (milk, one sugar). bio from Twitter

Tim Aikin

Designer, thinker & entrepreneur. bio from Twitter


web, branding, design, technology, crafts, sustainability, open source bio from Twitter

jonny gotham

Designer. Tinkerer. Happily ever after-er. bio from Twitter

Relly Annett-Baker

Content Strategist with Supernice Studio. Hire me, I'm juicy!

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