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Thursday 20th January 2011

  • The New Language of Web Design

    by Dan Rubin

    Our industry has aged into double digits, but much of the language we use to describe what we do and how things work is borrowed or repurposed, sometimes without issue, but often leading to confusion. Having a distinct set of terminology is an important sign of maturity for a line of work, those words and phrases to lead the next generation of practitioners — and it's high time we set about creating it.

    At 9:10am to 9:45am, Thursday 20th January

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  • Language and the Lizard Brain

    by Jon Tan

    Deep in the recesses of the brain lies the most ancient of all our faculties: The Lizard brain; It’s a mysterious place of snap judgements and life-saving instincts. Design can reach it, but first let’s understand it, and maybe get to know ourselves and our audience along the way.

    At 11:55am to 12:30pm, Thursday 20th January

  • Designing on Solid Foundations

    by Tim Van Damme

    What is design? Polishing squares until they're circles? Getting your website in as many CSS galleries as possible? No. There's more to it than that, and we need to think deeper about the foundations for our work. Design benefits from preparation, making things easier, and anticipating what comes next. In this presentation, Tim will explain how you can up the quality of your work and simplify your output without harming a single pixel.

    At 2:00pm to 2:35pm, Thursday 20th January

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  • Art Direction & Editorial Design on the Web: Does it Work?

    by Greg Wood

    Art direction and editorial design are two terms that have been the butt of many debates, discussions and arguments on the web recently. Folks seem to have been caught up with the granular semantics of the terms, and how they may relate to the way we present content on the internet. Greg will be attempting to answer the question that people should be asking: do the great unwashed public actually care about the way their content is presented? Does art direction & editorial design on the web actually work?

    At 2:35pm to 3:10pm, Thursday 20th January

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