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Thomas Bassetto ☕

The Open Web is my hammer and everything looks like a nail.

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Felix Geisendörfer

Co-Founder of @transloadit, organizer of @nodecopter and @nodejs core alumnus who also likes Go. I love unicycling and squirrels. bio from Twitter

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Sylvain Zimmer

Founder of @PricingAssistnt, @Jamendo, @dotConferences, @ParisTechTalks / Cofounder of @Joshfire, @TEDxParis, @Brightness_fr #creativecommons #code #conferences bio from Twitter

Tim Weber

Nerd. Poly. Kuschlig. Cis. Open minded. Introvertiert und unabhängig, trotzdem zuverlässig. Code, Musik, Getränke. Truth, Beauty, Freedom, Love. Auch: @timwohnt bio from Twitter

Tomaz Muraus

Code, distributed systems, open source software, startups. Currently: @Stack_Storm | Previously: @Cloudkick, @Rackspace, @DivvyCloud. Also hack on @Libcloud.

Trygve Lie

Developer. Mostly JS all over. Organizes monthly JS meetups and the Web Rebels conference in Oslo. bio from Twitter

Christoph Werner

Developer. Gamer. Beer enthusiast. Likes data visualization, user interface design, comic books and live music. bio from Twitter


happy to be me » working at @moovelDE » living in Hamburg bio from Twitter

Jakub Nesetril

founder & CEO of apiary.io, previously director of engineering in GoodData bio from Twitter

Nik Graf

Passionate about Software Architecture, UX, Skiing & Triathlons - Creator of DraftJS Plugins & Belle. Working full-time on open source at @Stripe

Râu Cao

Developer, hacker, entrepreneur, nomad, caveman, cosmopolite, cinephile, reader, pirate. Proud wearer of freckles. Rebel Coder-in-Chief at @5apps.

(╯°□°)╯︵ uɐıʇsɐqǝs

In Berlin. Developer at SoundCloud. bio from Twitter

Jan Monschke

Frontend Engineer from Berlin working for @SoundCloud, Web Audio lover, Longboarder, Traveler bio from Twitter

Renat Zubairov

CEO & Co-Founder @elasticio, APIs, Cloud, SaaS, SOA, BPM, Application and Data Integration. bio from Twitter

Luca Grulla

Lead Developer at uSwitch

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Sebastian Deutsch

React & Rails - http://9elements.com bio from Twitter

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Malte Ubl

Asynchronous Identity Disorder. Software Engineer at Google. Curator of @JSConfEU. Opinions expressed here are my own, yadda, yadda. bio from Twitter

Christoph Baudson

Blogger at http://sustainablepace.net, Co-organizer of @bonnagile, Founder of Filmfreunde Bonn http://www.meetup.com/Filmfreunde-Bonn/ bio from Twitter

Arnout Kazemier

Extraordinary JavaScript Hybrid, founder of Observe.it and Lead Software Engineer at Nodejitsu. Loves real-time, Node.js, NoSQL & other bad-ass technologies


js, python, web bio from Twitter

Tobias Schneider

Munich based Rocket Scientist at Mozilla Research. Brings JavaScript from the Frontend through the Backend to your Mother. bio from Twitter

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Vyacheslav Egorov

crazy Russian compiler engineer. bio from Twitter

Matthias Jakel

Freelance Ruby & Rails Developer from Berlin. bio from Twitter

Raphael Stolt

Software-Developer, Blogger & 'Fan geblieben' Soundsystem. Berlin P'Berg expat.


Cutting Edge Tech, User Experience Design & Digital Strategy. bio from Twitter

Jae Lee

Developer based in London bio from Twitter

Michael Bumann

programmer, hacker, bitcoin, cryptocurrency, @africahacktrip bio from Twitter

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Mathias Bacon Meyer

Director of Coffee, CEO and co-founder at @travisci. bio from Twitter

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Germany Germany, Cologne

11th12th June 2011

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