Sessions at Open World Forum 2011 about Configuration Management and Open Source

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Saturday 24th September 2011

  • Configuration management: automating and rationalizing server setup with CFEngine 3

    by Jonathan Clarke

    With the advent of virtualization and cloud computing, modern IT management relies more and more on the concept of "create, set up, use and throw away" servers. In this context, the benefits of automating and rationalizing the "set up phase" are obvious. This is where configuration management tools come in to play.

    This workshop will kick off with a discussion of some key points of configuration management and their benefits and drawbacks, building on real world examples (well, pseudo examples, mostly too silly to have ever really happened... or maybe not?)

    The main contender will then be introduced: CFEngine 3. Released in 2009, this is a brand new version of the open source configuration management solution, built on 17+ years of experience from previous versions of the software. We'll introduce the technology's key points, comparing approaches with similar devops-type tools, such as Puppet and Chef (where possible).

    The workshop will then cover the basics of setting up a minimal environment to start automating your configuration with CFEngine 3. We'll cover simple but illustrative examples, and show real-time demos of the technology in action.

    Attendees are encouraged to share their success- (or failure-) stories around configuration management, and plenty of time will be allowed for questions and discussion.

    At 10:00am to 11:00am, Saturday 24th September

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