Sessions at OpenTech 2011 about Open Hardware

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Saturday 21st May 2011

  • 4B - Open Hardware

    by Paul Downey, Rainycat and Russ Garrett

    Open Source Hardware (Part I)

    An introduction to Open Source Hardware

    Paul Downey

    An introduction to Open Source Hardware illustrated using a series of existing Open Source Hardware projects, from small physical projects, alarm clocks, 3D-printers, Arduinos through to cars and laptops. What are the motivations for starting a project? What is the best way to collaborate, accept contributions? How can you license your works for others to use?

    Hard curves, soft electronics - code, tech & textiles.

    Rain Ashford

    In 2008 I was given an Arduino and made some LEDs blink - two years on what have I made and how?

    London Hackspace

    Russ Garrett

    London Hackspace is one of a growing number of physical spaces for geeks across the UK and the world. We'll talk about the history of hackerspaces, how a group of cash-strapped geeks managed to rent a place in one of the most expensive cities in the world, and what happens when the Internet spills out into real life.

    At 2:30pm to 3:30pm, Saturday 21st May

    In Upper Hall, University of London Union

  • 5B - Open Hardware II

    by Kristina Glushkova and Saul Albert

    Open Hardware (Part II)


    Saul Albert & Peter Brownell

    Dorkbot is a global network of "People doing strange things with electricity". Some of Dorkbotlondon's janitors present a tell-all expose of the group's inner secrets: Overlords, passive-aggressive management, pun based decision making, burning effigies and a desire not to do work.

    Makerhood - Brixton

    Kristina Glushkova

    Makerhood is a project to promote local makers and create a website enabling people to buy things made in their neighbourhoods. We are currently working on a Drupal-based pilot in Brixton, funded by a grant from Unltd. We are taking an open approach to building the platform and working with the local community throughout, from the idea to implementation. The talk will go through the idea, the approach we have taken and the role of community engagement. It will reflect on the opportunities and trade-offs in balancing the community and trading aspects on an online marketplace that is grounded in physical local interactions.

    dinisnoise: morse code profanit


    an attempt to acquit extremely offensive & censured words using morse code, din & music

    At 4:00pm to 5:00pm, Saturday 21st May

    In Upper Hall, University of London Union