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    by Chris Thorpe, Steve Kennedy and Harry Wood

    --- Kristina Glushkova - makerhood.com ---

    Makerhood is a project to promote local makers and create a website enabling people to buy things made in their neighbourhoods. We are currently working on a Drupal-based pilot in Brixton, funded by a grant from Unltd. We are taking an open approach to building the platform and working with the local community throughout, from the idea to implementation. The talk will go through the idea, the approach we have taken and the role of community engagement. It will reflect on the opportunities and trade-offs in balancing the community and trading aspects on an online marketplace that is grounded in physical local interactions.

    --- Harry Wood - OpenStreetMap.org ---

    OpenStreetMap is the wikipedia of maps, a project to create free and open maps of the world. This is is not a corporate endeavour. It's a somewhat disorganised rabble of thousands of volunteers collaborating to build something great and give it away to the world for free. The project started here in London and is still largely being served from cupboard in UCL. With a shoestring budget OpenStreetMap is turning the traditional geodata industry on its head, but open data is mainly about empowering a new wave of web developers and hackers. It's time to get behind OpenStreetMap and be proud of it.

    --- Steve Kennedy - LBS is all about you (or where you are) ---

    Location based services are becoming more and more important and services such as Twitter and Facebook allow geo-tagging posts. What does that mean? How can it help you?

    At 1:30pm to 2:30pm, Saturday 21st May

    In Upper Hall, University of London Union

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