Sessions at OpenTech 2011 about Open Government Data and Open Data on Saturday 21st May

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  • 3C - linked data

    by Paul Makepeace, Francis Irving, ScraperWiki, Hadley Beeman and glynwintle

    Hadley, Link, Gov! - LinkedGov

    Hadley Beeman, Glyn Wintle, Alex Coley

    Updates and engagement in this highly entertaining talk by the linkedgov project.

    Crowdscraping - real stories of using ScraperWiki to gather worldwide datasets

    Francis Irving

    Track every company in the world? Every farmers market? All the planning applications as they come in? Increasing computing power, cheaper data storage, neater screen-scraping libraries, and new collaborative software, together combine to let us gather data sets we never would have dreamed of before.

    Google Refine

    Paul Makepeace

    Refine is a powerful, fun, fast tool for exploring, visualising, and 'cleaning' datasets. Data rarely comes in the form we want it in: inconsistencies, formatting errors, corrupted accents, schema mismatches, ... Refine can help interactively discover patterns and sift out and transform your dataset, without scripting or programming. I'll cover core concepts: faceted browsing and clustering, as well as touch on the GR Expression Language, and reconciliation.

    At 1:30pm to 2:30pm, Saturday 21st May

    In Seminar Room, University of London Union