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Saturday 21st May 2011

  • 4A - free and fluffy?

    by Bill Thompson and UK Uncut

    Building Digital Culture for Free: Can the Hacker Ethic and Comons-Based Peer Production make a better world? - Bill Thompson

    Bill Thompson

    Pekka Himanen published the Hacker Ethic in 2001 and gave free software developers a manifesto and a creed to live by. Bill Thompson will consider how effective free and open source have been in building digital culture, and ask whether we're more like Gutenberg or Genghis Khan in our effect on the world.

    Fluffy and poisonous - Why UKuncut has worked and how you can help.

    Since its inception in October of last year, UKuncut has repeatedly staged effective protests against tax avoidance, public service cuts and the financial sector's role in both. The actions, though comparatively small, captured the attention of the public and the media and have been the target of a police crackdown as the government and the right attempt to fight back. UKuncut has led inclusive, creative and fun protests that show the friendly, open side of activism whilst simultaneously sabotaging the brand of tax cheats and charlatan bankers. The combination of a clear ideology with a utilisation of new technologies and the media have seen the group's profile grow and grow and other uncut franchises spring up internationally. But as the police and government try to discredit the protests and the cuts keep getting deeper, UKuncut has to develop and adapt its use of the technological tools available in order to continue to effective get its message across. Every new 'uncutter' strengthens the ranks but those with real know how can help make the arguments in the ways that reach people and that have the most impact on those UKuncut is fighting against.

    At 2:30pm to 3:30pm, Saturday 21st May

    In Main Room, University of London Union

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