Sessions at Open Source Bridge 2011 about Debian live on Tuesday 21st June

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  • Creating Your Specific Live GNU/Linux Distribution with Debian Live Build

    by Yao-Tsung Wang, Chenkai Sun, Thomas Tsai and Steven Shiau

    The Debian Squeeze (6.0) was released in Feb, 2011. It contains about "35k software packages in the repository":, and a total of nine architectures are supported. The most common architecture, i386, need 52 CDs, or 8 DVDs to put all the software packages. This is really a rich package resource for a developer to use. Therefore, with this resource and using "Debian live build":, it's very easy for a developer to create a specific GNU/Linux distribution. We, as the developers of "Clonezilla":, "DRBL":, and the maintainer of "GParted": live, create the Clonezilla live, DRBL live, and GParted live in this approach. These 3 special live GNU/Linux distributions are created especially for system imaging/cloning, diskless linux, and graphical partition editor, respectively.

    In this talk, we will introduce Debian live build, why live distribution matters, cover the steps to create such a live distribution, and those things one might have to pay attention to, e.g. when a package is not included in the Debian repository, how to deal with. A live demonstration about creating such a live distribution will be given, too.

    At 3:45pm to 4:30pm, Tuesday 21st June