Sessions at Open Source Bridge 2011 about Distributed Teams

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Tuesday 21st June 2011

  • How 5 People with 4 Day Jobs in 3 Time Zones Enjoyed 2 Years Writing 1 Book

    by Ian Dees

    In May 2008, five busy programmers in town for a conference sat down for dinner and decided to do a book together. We dreamed big dreams for the project scope, made big plans for technical collaboration, and yes, made big mistakes as we worked. Two years later, reality looks really different than we'd imagined--better, in fact.

    In this talk, you'll hear about:
    * Getting through the Trough of Sorrow
    * What to do when you have all the responsibility and no authority
    * Laughing at your estimates (and getting stakeholders to laugh with you)
    * What worked for us (and what might or might not work for you)
    * Lessons for freelancers, telecommuters, and distributed teams

    At 11:00am to 11:45am, Tuesday 21st June

  • The Locker Project, TeleHash, and You

    by Jérémie Patonnier

    The open source "Locker Project":https://github.com/quartzjer/Locker and "TeleHash":http://telehash.org/ protocol are new efforts to build a platform that focuses on a person first and live at the edge of the network. They combine tools to collect your personal data from everywhere with apps and utilities to let you make more sense of all of it. Then using the new peer mesh networking of TeleHash with your Locker enables all kinds of awesome to exist in directly connecting your devices and data together for you and secure private sharing with others you trust.

    At 1:30pm to 2:15pm, Tuesday 21st June

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