Sessions at Open Source Bridge 2011 about map/reduce and Gearman

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Tuesday 21st June 2011

  • Gearman: From the Worker's Perspective

    by Brian Aker

    Many people view topics like Map/Reduce and queue systems as advanced concepts that require in-depth knowledge and time consuming software setup. Gearman is changing all that by making this barrier to entry as low as possible with an open source, distributed job queuing system.

    In this talk we’ll start with problems such as:
    • Map/Reduce style problems
    • Pipeline processing
    • Scatter/gather queries
    • Asynchronous queuing of tasks
    We’ll get to the root of these problems and show how Gearman can be used to solve them efficiently. Armed with distributed architectures and examples, we will explore how to integrate these concepts into custom applications. This knowledge can greatly benefit those building scale-out, fault tolerant, and/or cloud based solutions.

    At 11:00am to 11:45am, Tuesday 21st June

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