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Monday 25th July 2011

  • NoSQL @ Netflix

    by Sid Anand

    For the past 3 years, Netflix has been building a popular subscription-based service to stream movies and TV shows to game consoles, mobile devices, BluRay players, digital TVs, etc… With tens of millions of paying customers, Netflix has firmly established itself as a household brand in the US. Few people are aware that, while aggressively expanding our market and products, we have also moved our web and data infrastructure to Amazon Web Services. We currently use a large array of AWS’s offerings and deliver >90% of our web traffic from the cloud. While we have moved a significant portion of our web infrastructure to the cloud, the migration of our data has followed a slightly slower pace. Where we once solely relied on relational databases such as Oracle and MySQL, today we use a combination of technologies, including but not limited to SimpleDB, S3, Cassandra, and HBase. We also leverage open source caching technology like Memcached and Squid. This talk will detail the current evolution of Netflix’s cloud-based data infrastructure and specifically its use of open source technology.

    At 10:40am to 11:30am, Monday 25th July

    In B118-119, Oregon Convention Center

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