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Juan F. Codagnone

Co-Founder & Co-CIO at Zauber, Geo Hacker, Open Source, Linked Data, Semantic Web Enthusiast bio from Twitter

Don Park

maker, biker, dreamer bio from Twitter

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Dustin Whittle

Technologist, Architect, Open Source Advocate

Tyler Hicks-Wright

I'm a professional computer nerd and hacker. I run Copilot and I do some software and business consulting on the side. bio from Twitter

Paolo Fragomeni

Open Source Programmer

Linda Knapp

I'm a dork. No, really. I'm the biggest dork ever. bio from Twitter

Manfred Moser

Android, Java, Linux, Maven, Hudson, Open Source and more with simplicity and agility bio from Twitter

Tim Taylor

Systems Engineer, software developer, hardware tinkerer bio from Twitter

Mike Benner

Father, Husband, and CTO of AuthorityLabs. Still confused why the bio is 160 characters but tweets are 140. bio from Twitter

Dann Stayskal

AKA Linenoise: Author on human rights, crypto nerd, techno DJ, radical left activist, light artist, Lifeboat research advisor, AI engineer, linguist, etc. bio from Twitter

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Martijn Verburg

CEO at jClarity, London JUG co-leader, Java & FOSS speaker, Author, Javaranch Bartender, PCGen Chairmonkey, Ikasan Community lead, mad musings may follow :)

Agustín Ramos

Software developer. Technical debt counselour. Knowledge-junkie. Mountain sports lover. Amateur musician.

Shem Caitlin OHailey

Standing in the overlapping space in the Venn diagram of humanities and technology, heading out of the Gutenberg Parenthesis at the speed of light bio from Twitter

Eduardo Sanchez M.

Father, Husband, Technologist, MTB Cyclist, Open Source Advocate, BasketBall, Movies, Music and Food Lover....Angry Birds Champion! :-) bio from Twitter

Simon Fermor

Nicely immersed in mySQL, Ruby, JavaScript (jQuery rules!) ColdFusion and HTML. I'm also available for IT coaching, technical writing and project management.

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Lucas Carlson

Founder and CEO of AppFog (acquired by CenturyLink)

John Parker

Muppet bio from Twitter

Linux Fund

Linux Fund is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization that provides financial and administrative support to the free and open software community. bio from Twitter

Bill Jackson

Meh. bio from Twitter

BJ Kim (김병정)

I'm BJ, Technology Strategist and Web Standards guy. Developing & Communicating for WAC/W3C. There is no reason not to follow your heart. 부끄럽지 않고 사랑받는 사람이 되자 bio from Twitter

Benjamin West

Software Engineer: I write the internet http://about.me/mrgenixus bio from Twitter

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Dan York

Author, speaker, technologist- Senior Content Strategist at Internet Society. Demystifies emerging tech, social media, security, IPv6, DNSSEC. Enjoys curling.

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Not your psychologist. bio from Twitter

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Chase Douglas

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