Sessions at OSCON 2011 on Friday 29th July

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  • Git for Ages 4 and Up

    by Schwern and Ricardo Signes

    Git makes so much more sense when you understand how it really works. It only has two tricks, and they're really simple, but explanations go on about Directed Acyclic Graphs and Octopus Merges and a bunch of CS jargon nobody understands. Feh. You can illustrate and understand git using just children's toys!

    At 11:50am to 12:30pm, Friday 29th July

    In Portland 256, Oregon Convention Center

  • Introducing Assetic: Asset Management for PHP 5.3

    by Kris Wallsmith

    Even the fastest PHP project can be bogged down by bloated Javascript and CSS stylesheet files. Tools like YUI Compressor and Google’s Closure Compiler address this pain point, but can be difficult to integrate into a PHP workflow. Assetic gives you the tools painlessly integrate the latest and greatest optimization techniques into your PHP 5.3 project.

    In this presentation Kris Wallsmith, Symfony Guru at OpenSky, will give an introduction to using Assetic in your PHP project and discuss existing integrations with Symfony2 and the Twig templating language.

    At 11:50am to 12:50pm, Friday 29th July

    In D137, Oregon Convention Center

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  • Low-Hanging Fruit vs. Micro-optimization - Creative Techniques for Loading Web Pages Faster

    by Trevor Parscal and Roan Kattouw

    Discover a variety of creative techniques for dramatically improving page load speed which focus on low-hanging fruit rather than micro-optimization, and what impact they had when applied to the world's fifth largest website, Wikipedia. Trevor and Roan will explore optimization beyond server load, minification and gzip, and offer up new open source libraries to help others do the same.

    At 11:50am to 12:30pm, Friday 29th July

    In D136, Oregon Convention Center

  • Performance vs Scalability, Blocking vs. Non-blocking

    by gleicon

    Sometimes there is a mix between performance and scalability, but they are different dimensions. Changing your code from blocking to non-blocking yields scalability at the cost of a complexity. In this talk I show how Python, Ruby and JS do that, the differences between their async toolkits and some basic building blocks for web and high load applications.

    At 11:50am to 12:30pm, Friday 29th July

    In Portland 252, Oregon Convention Center

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  • Touch and Go: Leading Touch UI with Open Source

    by Chase Douglas

    Multitouch hardware has now reached consumer open source products. How can we enable developers to create immersive and useful touch software? How do we look to the future, while still enabling software from the past? In this talk, we will look at the new software technologies and frameworks that will revolutionize user interfaces.

    At 11:50am to 12:30pm, Friday 29th July

    In Portland 255, Oregon Convention Center

  • Why Should You Care about IPv6? And What Should You Do about It?

    by Dan York

    With the news that IPv4 address allocation is in its final stages, IPv6 is getting a great amount of attention and questions are being asked about whether software works with IPv6. Why should you as an open source developer care? What do you need to think about in your applications? How can you make sure your apps work with IPv6?

    At 11:50am to 12:30pm, Friday 29th July

    In Portland 251, Oregon Convention Center

  • All Your Brains Suck - Known Bugs And Exploits In Wetware

    by Paul Fenwick

    Our brains are not-at-all suited for modern life, and are plagued by a raft of bugs and unwanted features that we've been unable to remove. Join us in a tour of some of the most amusing bugs and exploits wetware has to offer.

    At 12:40pm to 1:10pm, Friday 29th July

    In Portland Ballroom, Oregon Convention Center

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  • OSCON Town Hall

    by Edd Dumbill and Sarah Novotny

    OSCON belongs to its attendees, and we want to hear what you think of this year’s show. Join the organizers to talk about what you loved and hated about OSCON, and what you’d like to see next year.

    At 1:10pm to 1:30pm, Friday 29th July

    In Portland Ballroom, Oregon Convention Center

  • Closing Get-together

    Take the opportunity to network one last time and exchange contact information with one another.

    At 1:30pm to 2:00pm, Friday 29th July

  • Underground Portland Walking Tour

    One of the best ways to experience Portland, this walking tour will expose you to the culturally underground, the socially underground, and the subterranean underground of Portland. Please register in advance. Tickets are $19 per person.

    At 2:00pm to 4:00pm, Friday 29th July