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  • HTML5 & CSS3: The Good Enough Parts

    by Estelle Weyl

    HTML5 and CSS3 are the new buzz words. The HTML5 and CSS3 specifications may still be in draft form, but that hasn’t stopped browser developers from implementing many of the proposed features. Recruiters will soon be asking for 5 to 10 years of HTML5 experience. While we can’t give that to you, we can help you stay ahead of the game! In this practical presentation you will learn what features are implementable and how to implement them. We’ll learn about practical CSS3 selectors that enable targeting of almost any element on the page (in your CSS, or in your JavaScript libraries like jQuery), HTML5 web form elements that enable form validation without the use of JavaScript along with other new to HTML5 elements. We’ll cover browser specific CSS syntax and the correct syntax that needs to be included to ensure your features work when browsers finally adhere to the W3C specifications. We’ll also discuss how to handle older, lingering browsers that don’t natively support CSS3 and HTML5 but just won’t seem to go away.

    At 9:00am to 12:30pm, Monday 25th July

    In Portland 251, Oregon Convention Center

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