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South African Software Engineer with a passion for Open Source. LAMP, PHPier, Vagrant, DevOps, Chef, Running, LiverpoolFC. bio from Twitter

Jeroen Moors

I'm a freelance internet consultant. I know a lot about tech stuff, I'm into business & I love people. I could be your next tech guy, PM or community builder. bio from Twitter

Marcus Deglos

Geek, PHPer, international Drupalista, skier, scuba diver. Will work for unicorns.

Arran Ross-Paterson

Organiser of Event Handler. Make things on the internet & small screen. I have a passion for semantic pies and accessible cocktails.

Daniel Knell

Artisan of Code, Developer Ronin, and Friendly Giant

Dave Ingram

Release Engineer at Google. Also Ingress Resistance player, hypnotist, and speaker. Ex-DataSift and -GroupSpaces. My thoughts, words, and opinions are my own. bio from Twitter


this (drumming) and that (programming). Software botherer for Spotify. bio from Twitter

Joanna Chlasta

Web designer & developer, writer-publisher - interested in PHP, NodeJS, UX, web apps, vampires, dragons & cats. bio from Twitter

Michael Peacock

Freelance developer / CTO - director @centralapps, Co-organiser @phpne, Author @packtpub bio from Twitter

Andrew Spooner

Creative Tech at Microsoft, living in Bristol, trying to make the most of the short time we're given on this beautiful planet. That's all. Carry on.

Andy Skipper

Interim and Consultant CTO, beardy know-it-all and daddy. Also tweets at @ConsultingCTO bio from Twitter

John Swindells

Lead Developer at Blurtit Ltd. Web development, sysadmin, project management. You get the idea. I also cycle, recycle and reuse, and like building things! bio from Twitter

Mehmet Duran

Front-end developer at the UK Ministry of Justice Digital Services. ex-r/ga, ex-multimap. coder, hacker, front-end lover. bio from Twitter

Proactive Paul

Speaker, author, accountant and paperless expert. Owner of Proactive. Being paperless makes things easier, quicker and cheaper!

Marcell Kiss-Toth

Explorer bio from Twitter

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Sam Bell

Runs online charting app @chartblocks and hedge fund web agency @copiadigital. Organiser of @phpukconference. bio from Twitter

Rosario Gª de Zúñiga

Chameleons, music and sausage dogs. bio from Twitter

Alf Eaton

data percolator

Mike Pearce

Results focussed and agile. A hands on leader, known for his knowledge and experience of agile, as well as my focus on results only and the culture that brings. bio from Twitter

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I do databases; whisky; beer. bio from Twitter

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Martin Beeby

I work for Microsoft as a technical evangelist. Currently working on mobile apps. bio from Twitter

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Marco Tabini

I break things (and occasionally act as Chief Garbage Collector at bio from Twitter


The unofficial official Microsoft blog for developers who love the web. bio from Twitter

Tristan Bailey

Web developer, analytic startup founder, Evangelist for simplicity & boardgamer. Consumer of content, and π brained #Brighton / #Koln (need Freelancer?) bio from Twitter

Alistair Stead

Technical Assurance Manager @ibuildings building interesting stuff with PHP for fun, profit and distraction

Neil Sweeney

Lead Developer for @ICE_Comm / video gamer / animal lover / punk rocker / awesome cook / snowboarder / father to @roxiechinchilla & @ennithelappy bio from Twitter

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