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  • Scaling servers with Skytools

    by Gavin M. Roy

    There are many strategies in scaling PostgreSQL infrastructure. Using Skytools, a set of technologies developed by Skype, Postgres can scale easily both horizontally and vertically. Learn in a hands on tutorial on how pgBouncer can be a significant boost to PostgreSQL performance and how to horizontally scale your PostgreSQL data with plProxy.

    Skytools includes a variety of tools useful for scaling large PostgreSQL sites. The pgBouncer connection pooler allows incoming database load to be carefully controlled, as well as adding features for easier management of 24x7 availability. And the Skytools pl/Proxy language allows horizontal partitioning of data by ID across multiple servers, allowing a sharding style approach to scaling PostgreSQL. Learn how these tools have been used to scale upwards a PostgreSQL backed web site supporting billions of page views per month.

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