Publishing App Expo schedule

Wednesday 7th December 2011

  • Opening Keynote: How Nerdfighters Can Save Publishing

    by John Green

    At 9:00am to 9:45am, Wednesday 7th December

  • App Building 101

    by Rafiq Ahmed, Jason Boog, Alex Souza and Jordan Stolper

    Developers offer a step-by-step tutorial for building an app from scratch. This hands-on discussion will help everybody from magazine publishers to editors to authors discover the tools they need to build an app. It will help both long-form and short-form creators explore the design process with brilliant examples of app development.

    At 9:45am to 10:45am, Wednesday 7th December

  • Behind the Curtain: Executive Strategies in the Publishing App Marketplace

    by Jason Allen Ashlock, Garry Martin and Daniel Wideman

    Join us for a candid discussion as industry executives from publishing houses and digital imprints talk about the future of publishing. The panel will cover Amazon's bold Kindle Fire tablet strategy, the price of doing business in Apple's App Store, and an insider look at sales figures and growth of the publishing app market. Both publishers and authors can find new strategies in this thought-provoking conversation.

    At 9:45am to 10:45am, Wednesday 7th December

  • Beyond the Paywall: Real Life Business Models for Apps

    by David Steinberger, Laura Hazard Owen, Jenny Lam, Robert Macdonald and Ron Hogan

    Leaders from publishers with successful book, magazine, and news apps share strategy in this panel discussion. They will reveal how they monetized their apps, set up subscriber payment systems, and kept customers buying content. We will also study ways to create lucrative apps outside of the closed systems of an app store.

    At 11:15am to 12:00pm, Wednesday 7th December

  • Setting and Sticking to an App Budget

    by Jason Boog, Paul Canetti and Arseny Lebedev

    This session will break down all the costs associated with creating an app. At the same time, smart designers will offer inexpensive ways to build apps and share tips for keeping your app inside any budget. Will offer practical tools for sticking to an app publishing budget during this recession and explore online resources for finding an affordable designer.

    At 11:15am to 12:00pm, Wednesday 7th December

  • How Publishing Apps Connect with Readers in Real Life

    by Laura Hazard Owen, Jeanniey Mullen, Geoffrey Bock, Ryan Bloom and Aziz Isham

    Groupon, QR Codes, barcode scanners, Foursquare & Google Books are all ways that brick and mortar booksellers have used apps to sell books and magazines in the real world. This conversation will help authors, magazines and publishers utilize apps to find customers in the real world. We will also discuss major library apps for eBooks and digital magazines, the booming market of helping library patrons check out digital content.

    At 1:10pm to 2:10pm, Wednesday 7th December

  • Kindle Fire: Will Amazon Ignite the Industry or Burn It Down?

    by Waynn Lue, Dianna Dilworth, Arseny Lebedev, Debbie Weil and Ron Richards

    This no-holds barred conversation will analyze Amazon's bold to be a major publishing industry player. We will discuss the impact of Amazon's $199 Kindle Fire tablet and the ramifications of Amazon's new role as a book publisher. We will also include insight from developers and strategists who have managed to succeed in Amazon's new publishing app marketplace.

    At 1:10pm to 2:10pm, Wednesday 7th December

  • How to optimize your content for any mobile OS in under 2 min!

    by Gal Brill

    Just publishing your app in the App Store alone is time consuming and too complicated for most people, not to mention that to get your app developed you will need to spend a lot of time and money. What if a publisher could take his hard working content to the App markets in under 2 minutes and harness the power of the mobile era for better engagement and monetisation? Join UppSite.com CEO & Founder - Gal Brill, for a live demo in which we will convert a real website and submit it's apps to the App Store, Android Market & App Hub - All in under 2 minutes.

    At 2:10pm to 2:30pm, Wednesday 7th December

  • Decoding Mobile Barcodes: Real World Success Stories

    by Hillary Tisman and Adam Schneider

    This presentation will explore how Tag recently partnered with Simon & Schuster’s Atria Books division as well as magazine publishers like Conde Nast, Hearst, Meredith and Time Inc. to use (2D barcode) Microsoft Tag to both enrich the reader experience and improve the way retailers are selling these publications.

    At 2:30pm to 3:30pm, Wednesday 7th December

  • eBooks vs. Apps: When Apps Are Not Necessary

    by Joshua Tallent

    Some projects just call out for an app, but for many publishers are not sure when an app is needed and when it is not. As eBook formats become more robust, the line between apps and eBooks is shifting.

    At 2:30pm to 3:30pm, Wednesday 7th December

  • From Tactile to Mobile: The Reinvention of Content Experience and Engagement

    by Josh Koppel

    Print content provides an aesthetic experience which evokes strong connections for some readers, but it’s becoming more costly and inefficient for publishers to produce. With emerging digital technologies, publishers now have the opportunity to create scalable new channels that focus on interactive experiences for the reader through digital platforms including mobile devices.

    At 4:00pm to 5:00pm, Wednesday 7th December

  • Meaningful Use: Beyond Content and Deeper into Workflows

    by SiNae Pitts, Jason Rollins and Stephen Welch

    Publishing apps must go beyond just presenting content and low-level sharing. In order to be sticky and useful, apps must get deeper into users’ workflows and allow them to make meaningful use of that content. Looking at examples from scholarly and medical publishing, user-centric apps that allow for organization, annotation, and collaboration make your content and your apps more vital and viral.

    At 4:00pm to 5:00pm, Wednesday 7th December

Thursday 8th December 2011

  • You Have No Idea How Much You Don't Know

    by Rebecca Lieb

    Apps are embryonic, and publishing as an industry is in upheaval, facing disintermediation and disruption on all sides. This session will examine the 10 issues that stand between now and an app ecosystem that can approach maturity.

    At 9:00am to 9:45am, Thursday 8th December

  • Finding & Keeping Subscribers in a Sea of Content

    by Roman Karachinsky, Dianna Dilworth, Ryan Marquis and Isabelle Pain

    Experts and successful app creators from share tips for making your app stand out in a crowded field. Our panel discussion goes straight to the source of magazine and news app content to find out how journalists, publishers and brands can flourish in these crowded app stores.

    At 10:15am to 11:15am, Thursday 8th December

  • Maximizing Discoverability & Profitability in Book App Marketplaces

    by Jason Boog, Lyle Underkoffler and Claudia Romanini

    Experts from the major app marketplaces share tips for making your app more discoverable in these vast online destinations. Our panel discussion goes straight to the source of eBook app content to find out how authors, publishers, and books can flourish in these crowded app stores. You will learn how to create eye-catching content, rise up the Top App lists, and promote your app in the right places.

    At 10:15am to 11:15am, Thursday 8th December

  • Business Models That Worked for Magazine & News Apps

    by Craig Ettinger, Daniel Hoepfner, Isabelle Pain, Zephrin Lasker, Christopher Kenneally and Carmen Scheidel

    The leaders behind successful & award-winning magazine apps share intelligence about setting up subscriptions, budgeting for the app, building a subscriber base, negotiating royalties, and managing app updates.

    At 11:15am to 12:15pm, Thursday 8th December

  • Maintaining & Growing Your Book App

    by Jim Young, Noemie Dupuy, Peter Costanzo, Graham Farrar and Jason Boog

    Experts share advice on adjusting app pricing, budgeting for the app, managing app updates, negotiating royalties, keeping contact with readers, and keeping your app on the bestseller charts. This practical advice will be drawn from both successes and struggles from real apps.

    At 11:15am to 12:15pm, Thursday 8th December

  • Building a Successful Marketing Campaign in a Social World: Using Apps to Engage and Acquire

    by Seth Lieberman

    Effective advertising has gone interactive and quizzes, surveys, polls and sweepstakes apps are now some of the most effective ways to engage prospects, generate leads, and acquire customers. This session will talk about how companies can use these types of engagements to interact with their target market, build brand loyalty, encourage registrations and more, across websites, social media sites and mobile. Particular focus will be devoted to how publishers can get people OFF of social media sites and back to their principle site. In addition, it will focus on how these Apps can be created quickly and cost effectively using third party tools and platforms. Individual case studies and metrics will be shared based on the more than 300 million quizzes that have been taken on Pangea Media’s platforms including the SnapApp Marketing Platform. Representative customers that will be discussed include Martha Stewart, ABC Family, Reader’s Digest, MTV, PC World, Hollywood Life, and others.

    At 1:30pm to 2:30pm, Thursday 8th December

  • Reading and Writing in Bits: The Futurism Panel

    by Alex Lemay, Colin Robinson, Evan Ratliff, Rajiv Parikh, Debbie Weil and Aziz Isham

    Everyone knows that digital is coming, but what does that mean for the building-blocks of storytelling? Does a 21st Century writer need to be equal parts filmmaker, marketer and entrepreneur? Will the activity of 'reading' involve soundtracks, short films and twitter? And will anyone pay for any of this stuff, anyways? This panel will, somewhat whimsically, try to imagine a future where the majority of publishing occurs digitally, and what that means for the 100,000-word narrative and the people who make a living because of it.

    At 1:30pm to 2:30pm, Thursday 8th December

  • The Essential Business Roadmap to Social Media & Mobile Marketing

    by Natalie Henley

    Adapt or Die…Which Do You Choose For Your Company? Our goal as business owners is to attract the right customers and persuade them to buy, but with people searching in a myriad of different places, how do I ensure that my business gets found with Social Media? Social Media Sites like Twitter, YouTube, LinkedIn and Twitter ARE SEARCH ENGINES! Hey is the App Store a Search Engine or the Droid Marketplace? ABSOLUTELY! You’ll walk away from this session inspired with new ideas and a greater understanding of how to leverage Social Media for Findability and how keyword research can help find you, including what tangible steps you can take to be successful on the key Social Media sites

    At 3:00pm to 4:00pm, Thursday 8th December

  • The Merits of Interaction: Transmedia Apps & the Reinvention of Storytelling

    by Deanna Walker, L. C. Havard, Nina Lassam, Lina Srivastava and Amanda Havard

    Embracing an interactive, app-based future can only be done if there are ways to generate high quality, interactive content. With technology growing more robust each day, storytellers and their facilitators must find ways to create content that takes advantage of potential interactivity in rich and meaningful ways. Publishing or app development alone cannot provide the necessary content to create a truly immersive reader experience. Transmedia companies that span the creative landscape are the pathway to creating stories and apps that users can-- and will want to-- interact with on various levels.

    At 3:00pm to 4:00pm, Thursday 8th December

  • GalleyCat Unplugged

    by Jason Boog

    Join us for a unique opportunity to meet the personalities behind GalleyCat and eBookNewser. Bring your questions, complaints and ideas for this interactive forum and hear firsthand from the editors and writers who work to provide you with the latest industry news, information, opinion and advice. The presentation books are put away in favor of candid discussions as our industry insiders “speak off the cuff” about their perspectives and share pointers for authors and inspiring writers, and answer the all-important question: How to pitch GalleyCat and eBookNewser?

    At 4:00pm to 5:00pm, Thursday 8th December

  • Mobile, Real-World, and Audio Storytelling with Zombies

    by Adrian Hon

    Mobile apps offer the ability to create stories that integrate with the real world, giving users more interactive and intimate experiences. In this session, we reveal how we designed "Zombies, Run!" an app that combines storytelling, gameplay, and exercise, and worked with an award-winning author, Naomi Alderman, to fund, market, and create a bestseller - even before it was released for sale.

    At 4:00pm to 5:00pm, Thursday 8th December

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